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Sick Of Being Sick

Posted by Bill


Once, when I was young and healthy
and maybe relatively wealthy,
I liked to think that I was wise
and could potential maximise.

Those were the days when I felt good
and I undoubtedly withstood
the pressures that life put on me
and I was free to some degree.

Those were the days as I recall
there was nothing so big or small
that slowed me down or held me back
from keeping my life right on track.

Those were the days, which now long gone
are what my life was based upon.
Fond memories within my mind
when life was sweet, and life was kind.

That was a time, as man and boy
I had no pain, so could enjoy
whatever my life had in store
I would take part and want some more.

But over time, I have become
both weak and sick and overcome
by all those ailments of old age
which are forcing me to disengage.

At first, I was resilient
and would not be subservient
to all the pain and suffering
that old-age was now offering.

But as my world turns upside-down
this chronic sickness drags me down
and though I know it’s so pathetic
I’m simply sick of being sick.

                          B. Withers 2019


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Sueaxe : As are many Bill. s Sep 08, 2019
newyorktorque : Bill I can totally relate. But one thing I will never be sick of are your poems. Sep 08, 2019
Bill : Thank you Sueaxe and newyorktorque for your supportive comments. The title of this one was obviously prompted and motivated by someone else's previous post. However, the sentiment struck home with me and I'm sure it will have relevance and resonance with others who may have chronic conditions which need to be managed on a day to day basis. (even if they're not quite as old as me!) Best wishes Bill Sep 09, 2019
newnormal : Thank you Bill, I like the poem! It sums it up. Sep 12, 2019
Bill : Hello newnormal. Thank you so much for posting and thank you even more for letting me know that you actually liked the poem. It is much appreciated. Sep 13, 2019
Bill : Which brings me to another point: I also wish to thank all those who tick the 'like' box. I appreciate the fact that many people are reluctant to communicate verbally or in writing and the tick-box system gives them an opportunity to communicate in a non-verbal format. For me, it's the equivalent of a smile, a nod or a thumbs-up--- Sep 13, 2019
dadnabbit : Bill, I must admit that when I first read your poem I was concerned that your normal resilient self seemed a bit down in the dumps. I was glad to read your later added post that these musings were in response to the post from someone else who was feeling down and just plain sick and tired. You did your normal thing and took that post and attempted to relay the message that we all have these feelings at different times. Selfishly, I must admit I was relieved that you are STILL a strong voice stating those things that so many of us are unable or reluctant to put into words, and you do it so beautifully. Thanks Peace Nancy Oct 02, 2019
Bill : Hello Nancy. Thank you so much for your reply to this post as it means a lot to me to know that people appreciate the rhymes.I have made a habit over the years of writing about subjects that cause people angst and, whilst these things are not entirely outside my own experience. Usually the problems I have had have long-since past. I have written one or two about 'chronic illness' and others on 'fatigue. These can be found on past blogs and I have just finished one on 'debilitation' but, as it was for a friend who has just been admitted to a care home I'm not sure if it is entirely relevant for people with stomas. Anyway, as and when I pen one which seems pertinent to this group, I will endeavour to post it on here. Best wishes Bill Oct 03, 2019

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