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KIND GESTURES 8 (the Cleaner)

Posted by Bill

KIND GESTURES 8. (the cleaner)

I wish to tell this tale in rhyme,
so it may last beyond my time,
illuminating a kindness
that help me out when in a mess.

I suffered with incontinence,
which meant that personal effluence
was not that easy to control
when flowing from my damaged hole.

I think it should be on record,
this happened on a ‘stoma’ ward,
where they said paradoxically
there was no way they could help me.

They sent me to the basement floor,
where, they said that there would be more
facilities for cleaning up,
but failed to help me with backup.

So off I went and found a sluice,
which, at that time, was in full use
for cleaning faeces of the sheets
and other things where folk excrete.

I know it may seem rather rude,
but I stripped waist down to the nude,
for, even though I could be seen,
I needed to get my clothes clean.

The cleaner came to my rescue,
to stop me being in full view,
for she saw my predicament
and was kind and benevolent.

She handed me a warm, clean sheet,
to wrap my private parts, and meet
the requirements of decency
for both the public and for me.

Just a kind gesture from someone
who knew what needed to be done.

                                               Be Withers 2021

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Mar 31, 2021
Red25 : Kindness itÂ’s transformative!!
Thank you for sharing

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