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Kind Gestures 6. (Stoma Nurses)

Posted by Bill

KIND GESTURES 6. (Stoma nurses)

I feel it is now past the time,
that I should put my mind to rhyme
about the stoma-nurses who
helped me when they needed to.

I’ve been about for long enough,
to know much more about the stuff
that bothers ostomates, and so
we tend to turn to those who know.

The stoma nurses are the folks,
who will be there to lift the yokes
of physical and mental strain
when stoma-stuff becomes a pain.

But let me go back to the start,
when stoma nurses played their part
by talking through the pros and con’s
of surgery and its add-ons.

For in those early days, I was
ignorant and naïve because
no knowledge of this went before
so, these nurses were my mentors.

I know the surgeons did the deed
and to this fact, I do accede,
but most support that I received
came from the nurses, I perceived.

These nurses nursed me through the worst
exuding kindness, well-rehearsed,
and when I take time to reminisce
my mind fills up with thoughts of this.

Thus, I must give credit to
the work that stoma-nurses do,
and state that I appreciate
the kindness that they radiate.

                                            Be Withers 2021

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Nov 27, 2021
Redondo : Hurray for these stoma nurses and thank God for them to select this specialty. I totally concur.
Nov 29, 2021
iMacG5 : Another great job by you, Bill. Thanks for recognizing the thousands of great jobs being done by these special folks.
Nov 29, 2021
Bill : Thank you both for your favourable comments on this rhyme. It has taken me much longer than I was anticipating to get into writing about 'kindness' as contrasted with the 'unkindness' of bullies and bullying. However, I am now getting used to this new genre and am producing a number of appropriate rhymes acknowledging the kindness shown by a variety of people, most of whom are not overtly interested in gaining praise for what they do. This makes it even more important to acknowledge their efforts and their altruism.
Best wishes

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