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Posted by Bill


Since I had my stoma op.
my irrigation did not stop
for it’s been more convenient,
practical and expedient.

Irrigation’s been my thing,
because the life that it can bring
is vastly better than with bags
and all those toilet-finding snags.

The stoma’s rarely bothered me,
with irrigation, for we see
that life is much more normal for
us, than it had been before.

But recently I have been told,
my hernia is getting old,
which means it is collapsing
and problems are relapsing.

The solution, it’s been said
is to revert to bags instead,
and cease the irrigation so
more of my waste may merely flow.

I must admit, this fills my head
with apprehensive thoughts and dread
of going back to bags and things,
knowing what this change might bring.

I had to wear the bags before,
so now I know what lies in store
and I’m not keen to make the swap
or see my irrigation stop.

I know my stoma nurse is right,
but still, I think that I just might
do some more experiments
before I give up or relent.

                                    B. Withers 2021

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Nov 26, 2021
Caz67 : Bill I feel for you. It's a bloody nuisance but I'm sure you will fathom some way of making it easier if you do please let me in on the secret XX
Nov 26, 2021
Bill : Hello Caz.
Thanks for your response to this post. Of course I will keep you updated if anything changes, but for now I'm going to see how long I can keep going with the irrigation despite the stoma nurse's warnings.
Best wishes

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