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Posted by Bill

Hello everyone. 

I am still plodding on with my rhymes on 'kindness' for my (hopefully) upcoming 2022 book.

Every now and then I utilise this site for motivation to write yet another rhyme, so here is the latest of these, for which I thank you all.

Best wishes




On social media I see
people who feel that they are free
to write and say what’s on their mind
so, sometimes this is cruel or kind.

In some past rhymes I have tried hard
to show how bully’s false façade,
can use kindness to lure someone
into their trap to have some fun.

But here I’d like to take a peek
at folk whose kindnesses will seek
a much more altruistic path
and leave a better aftermath.

I rarely use the internet,
so these impressions that I get,
emerge from the few sites where I
can some kindnesses espy.

One site that quickly springs to mind,
where often people will be kind
and I will often cogitate,
is labelled: ‘Meetanostomate’.

Upon this site kind people will,
if they have some time to fill,
use their wit and writing skill
to help people who may be ill.

They listen to the stories and
they often know and understand
what that person’s going through
and why they have their point of view.

It’s great to see the repartee
playing out in front of me,
especially when it’s calm and kind
for that is what I want to find.

                                          Be Withers 2021

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Dec 29, 2021
Caz67 : Bill
Your words of wisdom speak volumes. Keep up the fantastic work ???? XX
Dec 29, 2021
Bill : Thanks Caz. Your positive comments are greatly appreciated
Best wishes

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