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The Big Reveal

Posted by clumsylady

As a 26 year old ostomate and single mother of twin boys, Ihave recently gone backout into the dating world with my metaphorical and actual baggage firmly in tow. After endingmy relationship with myboy's father (who could not accept my ostomy and began pushing me to have a reversal as soon as I got home from the hospital), I was left with horribly low self-esteem. I thought surely if the father of my children could not deal with my bag,who could???

So a few weeks ago, I reconnectedthrough Facebok with a guy thatI used to see around town. We've had threedates, and I'mthinking Icould reallylike this guy...Last night I went over to his place and he made me dinner for my birthday.The time had come for meto perform the ostomymonologueI had been practicing sinceour first date. He listened patiently as I told him all about it.Afterwards, he sat in silenceas I pushed through a series of hot flashes waiting to hear his response. I finally asked him what he was thinking, and he said, "Man, that must save you a lot of time..."with a big smile on his face.

I can't believe I allowed my ex's ignorant, negative opinions of my ostomy to get me down for so long. I'm starting to realize that #1: I still got it, and #2: Anyone that is worth my time is not going to judge me because of my bag. Needless to say I had an awesome birthday and I am excited to see where things go from here :)

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Aug 07, 2011
mooza : Fantastic this guy sounds like a winner ..xxxmooza xx
Aug 07, 2011
MrsO : Sounds like a keeper this one!MrsO x
Aug 07, 2011
Primeboy : Clumsy Lady??? Not any more. It looks like this gal can handle things very nicely. So, how about finding a name that fits?
Aug 07, 2011
clumsylady : Oh I definetly pride myself in the fact that I handle my business with class, but grace- not so much. I am the literally the clumsiest person I know. If there is a corner on a piece of furniture, I'm going to run into it. If there is a stick on the ground, I'm going to trip over it. If there is a toy on the floor, I'm going to slip on it, banana peel style...I've owned it, lol. Hey we cant all be perfect :)
Aug 07, 2011
funnygurl : You go girl!
Aug 07, 2011
StarUK : Well you're gorgeous why would he be worried about it, but seriously i am so pleased you got such a positive response. You give me hope :) Star
Aug 07, 2011
bob.hewson : Hi, You have two lots of baggage to deal with the first is your two boys and most men would not be happy to start a relationship with someone with a ready made family [I did with 2 boys and 2 girls for over 30 years] and would run so fast when they found out. The second is your new friend that is now attached to your side like a leach.As your new [old] friend has not started running over either of these you have hit the jackpot, you are a real winner, congratulations.Bob
Aug 08, 2011
funnygurl : Not all b/f's are created equal. When I was diagnosed with cancer and told I had to have a permanent colostomy I told my b/f of 1 year to find someone else. He was soooooooooo mad at me. He stuck by my side and took me and my pets to his home for 3 months while I recovered. I told him my greatest fear was not cancer or the colostomy but what to do about my 3 cats while I was in the hospital. My pet boarding place is awesome but very expensive (10.00 per cat per day). He was amazing! In fact one of my 3 cats fell in love with him and remained at his home until she died 2 years later at age 17. We have been together for 9 years and are still happy. Sounds like you have found a winner too. I am happy for you!
Aug 08, 2011
matts12 : Rock on!
Aug 14, 2011
pegmarston : That's awesome!
Aug 16, 2011
Lalu : I'm another one who's very pleased for you. I'm glad your boys' father left, only because if the loser stuck around, you wouldn't have been available for this wonderful new man. No matter what happens, at least you know there are people like him around. In a 12 day period, I had 2 resections that leaked; the 3rd time they went in, I woke up sharing the bed with Walter the Wenis. I was too out of it to even think about how it would affect my husband of 6 years and was in complete denial about it. For the first month or two, he changed the bandage on my open wound twice a day and when I would wake up in a puddle, which happened back then a few times a week, he cleaned me up, stripped the bed, did the laundry and changed my appliance. I didn't even touch it if I could help it. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly died last year, less than a year after my surgery. Don't know if I'm going to give a reversal a shot and I'm not yet ready to throw myself back into the world, but it's nice to hear there are men like your new honey around. It's one thing to be accepted by someone who loved me when I was in one piece; quite another to find someone willing to deal with it from the start when he can walk away more easily. I'm especially happy for you because you're so young. As far as your ex goes, some people just can't deal. Glad you found someone who can.
Aug 19, 2011
J.J : aww soo glad you have found someone nice!! :) and you will still find yourself pinching yourself for awhile afterwards...I ended a bad relationship just before my ostomy surgery and am a single parent of four!! My thought was wow..tell me god does not have a sense of humor.four kids and an ostomy..lol..but after being single for over a year and working through my whole ostomy experience I did meet someone great!!..and I held my breath and did the whole ostomy speal...and he asked alot of questions and when the time was right I showed him how I changed my pouch and what the whole process was..he was really cool with it and even offered to wear one to know what it was like to understand better.:D ...really happy for you!!..~hugs~J.J
Sep 27, 2011
sooperdave619 : Great to hear! Gives me hope!
Sep 27, 2011
Lalu : After reading so much the last few weeks about all the people walking away, I just read over all the posts - 4 - count 'em - 4 different posts in one blog with positive stories. Nice to get some faith back in the human race. J.J. - a man willing to do that is some keeper. Actually, Pegaluna, Clumsylady and Funnygurl - a bunch of keepers - like a bunch of flowers in the middle of a desert. Tomorrow starts the Jewish new year (I think). Nice way to begin.
Oct 11, 2011
Irishcuddy : so craaazy how i stumbled on your page, literally went through and going through same thing as you, had two children and father of children cheated on me, i hav come to the conclusion it was because of the bag too but hes just too cowardly to admit it, put myself back on the dating scene but thought things went well with a fella i revealed the bag to but literally not a peep from him since, think your really lucky to find someone who you can be so open with about it, he is a keeper 4sure!!! Funny how ya mention da whole baggage thing too, its hard enough to be a single mother of two wihout a bag and having baggage but i think we just take the meaning of having baggage to a whole new level, extreme baggage mode!!! ha anyhoo really hope things go well for ya wit dis fella, really gave me a glimmer of hope dat mr right mite actually be out der for me too or even dat der is someone else in da same boat as myself wit da extreme baggage lookin for mr right!!!! best of luk x x x