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Antispasmodic Meds

Posted by magoo

Hi there my fellow Bag People,

                                                I just wanted to pass on what might be useful info for the ongoing problem which has been making me crazy lately, sleep deprivation, constant abdominal and rectal pain and my butt cramps. I am currently in Ireland  ( going back to Cal in June ) and a medication available here really is helping me , seems to be anyway ? time will tell. The European brand is " Buscopan " , an antispasmodic. It works on the smooth muscle, Autonomic nervous system, especially the intestines. I saw my surgeon and he prescribed it. The problem seems to be scar tissue , adhesions in my lower abdomen . I have the J-Pouch ( defunctioned) , just behind the pelvic bone and scar tissue seems to be causing the cramping and spasms in my butt especially after eating and is much worse at night. Some days I couldn't carry on a coherent conversation because of the sleep disruption and always totally exhausted so my thought processes at times was just not up to par.

  I began taking the Buscopan about a week ago and I have already seen improvement in my sleep patterns and happily much more clear headed in my daily life. I believe  from my reading on the subject that the USA version of this med is called "Bentyl". It blocks the involuntary smooth muscle activity in the intestines . The J-Pouch is not functioning, disconnected and so should not have much, if any Peristalsis going on But it acts as if it is still an active part of my Gastro tract and contracts to pull on the scar tissue which apparently causes the awful cramping.

   If this progress continues I might even be able to ride my mountain bike again....I'm lost without my bike rides. I had to avoid the local pool because I was getting involuntary gushes of fluid out my butt because of the cramps, didn't want to contaminate the pool even if nobody could tell it was happening !! The fluid discharge has diminished a lot and is more controlled so I might even get back ninto the pool .....Yipeeee !!

   The crappy weather with constant rain doesn't help one's state of mind but my new med certainly does. I may be my old self very soon .

   If you are having any such cramping give the Bentyl or something similar , no Buscopan in the US and you will see improvements quite quickly.

Thanks for reading this if you got this far lol


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Bill : Hello Magoo. Thanks for the post which I found very helpful. I have been getting a pain in the bum lately but my wife thinks it's because I 'am' one! I thought it was because before the stoma I suffered with a prolapsed anus and they did not remove the rectal stump so I was presuming that it was probably still prolapsing but with out the added pressure of the colon and faeces making it worse. Anyway, if it carries on causing me pain I'll have a word with my GP to see if I can try the things you have suggested.
Best wishes
Feb 01, 2016

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