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Some Normality Again

Posted by magoo

Hi there Baggers,

                        Well normality is appearing again, relative normality !!  The Absorbagel packs continue to improve my life and prevent leaks, haven't had a leak in quite a while now . The effects of "Stinky" going down the wrong pipe seems to have abated . I still get a little mucus out there but still no sign of food particles in it. I thought this would be a temporary solution but I'm being optomistic and beginning to believe that it may be a permanent solution to Pouchitis and the rectal/ abdominal pain which comes with it. I now believe  that the food particles were at the root of my problems for the past six to nine months. It seems to be such a simple solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem , I am amazed !!I no longer have to take the antispasmodics !! They made my eyesight fuzzy at times so that is a welcome change.

   I know that most people really don't give a hoot about content of the next paragraphs but just sharing a couple of happy developments that have taken my moody nature up a couple of notches. Renovation is a hugely stressful undertaking so I welcome anything that gives me a little grin or a feeling of accomplishment.....the purchase below was a real coup and has given me some confidence that I will finally be able to sit down and relax without worrying for once !! 

I can now get back to working on my kitchen addition. I'm doing most of the work myself so I expect it won't be finished until the end of summer !! which is just fine. I found a new kitchen ( cabinets and an 8 foot kitchen island with granite top !! ) for a steal of a price.  with all the appliances. The former owner, who has more money than sense , did not like the look of it after installing it and just took it out again !! Rich people may often lack common sense ??.....well at least may have more money than sense !! It fits my room as if it was made for it, Beechwood, one inch thick , so nice. Now I have a real fridge instead of the tiny one I was depending on for so long. After going through so much of my savings I may be eating beans on toast for a whils haha !!

   That reminds me ....I bought a few cans of beans a while ago and never thought I would try them...well....I opened a can a few nights ago and ate the entire can with a spoon lol !!! I thought I would die that night but to my total surprise they had absolutely no bad effects. They add so much protein that I will probably keep them in my diet. A favorite in Ireland is Beans and mashed spuds , I may give the combination a try !!?? I did not experience any extra gas from the beans which really surprised me and seemed to up my energy level the next day.

   I got only one response about the Absorbagel packs so I am wondering if anyone else has tried it and what results they did or did not achieve. It was the very liquid stuff in the bag that caused many of my problems. So any response would be welcomed. Just trying to do a bit of a survey I guess for my own information.

All the best to everyone out there. Stay dry and leak free . Thanks for reading if anyone does find my ramblings.


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Bill : Hello Magoo.
I love your ramblings and I think it is important to share things like your kitchen renovations and trying the baked beans because this is just ordinary stuff that people with stomas just get on with the same as anyone else. I don't have a need for absorbagel so cannot comment about it.
Best wishes
Apr 03, 2016

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