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Absorbent Gel

Posted by magoo


Hi Osto Friends.   Below is  AOURCE FOR THE ABSORBENT GEL  that I mentioned several tomes. This seems to be the same as the one I use , called Absorbagel. 

This is priced in Dallars so I assume it is trhe US. It is a very useful addition to my arsenal of Ostomy Tools for thickening the output into a gel , prevents leaks and no splashing in the toilet....just a Plop....Plop...!!! LOL !!  Give it a try.

I found this site in a post from a few years ago.

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Xerxes : Based on your comments I gather that this product is effective. In the past I did try something like this, but it was a powder, not a gel. I did not like it because, though somewhat effective, it caused clumping to occur which was OK, but it quickly "used up" the powder and liquid quickly accumulated thus minimizing the effect. Jan 16, 2017
magoo : Hi there , I've used Absorbagel and still use it . this is only avavailable in Ireland and UK. The one in the Blog id in Canada but they seem to be the same product
Absorbagel comes in litgle Sachets, like a fat sugar packet. You drop one , two or three into your bag every time you empty . As i described , it turnd a full bag of iquid into a small amount of paste like texture. The more packs you use the thicker it gets. Each packet is about the size of four US Quarters stacked. They are small enough to put a handful in a Ziploc bag and put in your pocket .
Absorbagel prevents leaks and stops liquid sloshing around....Really great stuff, would recommend if you can get Absorbagel specifically.
All the best ...Magoo.
Jan 16, 2017
Past Member: Hi all! I've Ileo for 20 years due to Crohn's. I've used the "Absorbagel" when I got some samples, but the costs involved is crazy expensive (from 10 to 50 US cents per packet!) so I did some sleuthing and found out that the little packets are made of polyacrylamide gel crystals. It's the same stuff that is used in potting soil to retain water and scientific uses . Realizing that they were the same, I searched for the potting polyacrylamide gel crystals and found them to be much less expensive with no deterioration of quality. I now used the gardening variety with no ill effects (half a tablespoon) and my wallet is happier, too. Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals Soil Moist Granules is around 12 US dollars for 16 ounces. I understand that most people are hesitant in using a non-medical grade but I investigated the the gel. Once the water soluble packet is dissolved, the gel is the suspended in the bag just like putting 1/2 a tablespoon in the bottom of the bag. It quickly starts to absorb the effluvia and remains in the bottom of the bag until emptied and I haven't had a problem with it infiltrating my stoma since I started using it. I hope this helps the ones of us that can't afford the brand name Ostomy gels. Feb 27, 2017

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