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Business Idea

Posted by magoo

Hi all ..

             This is a very serious proposal ...  Near where I live in Ireland , right next o a beautiful river my Brother owns a lovely piece of land . 

Building ids restricted on this land and I've been trying to figure out something to do with it . I've been seriously thinking of ...don't laugh ...

Snail Farming ...Escargot!!

   The climate is damp and cool , the land is sort of Boggy , Cabbage and Lettuce will grow almost without any help and this is perfect food for snails . He has 17 acres 

of perfect land for this idea ??  Does anyone have any ideas about this weird idea of mine ??  


Any comment or ideas would be welcome .   Thanks ..


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Bryce : Sounds like perfect land for Truffles. Less care, better ROI. Jan 08, 2018
Jay2013 : The snail market would be a good one. But, what is the demand ? I am here in the States and they are not very high on the dinner list.

I would think the Truffles would be a better way to go.

Just a thought from a Foodie here in the States.
Jan 08, 2018
Silveradokid : Hi Magoo. Perhaps this article will help... Jan 08, 2018
Bill : Hello Magoo.
I firmly believe that their is scope for almost any business idea and FARMING SNAILS is no more preposterous than farming other animals. With any business, it is not the manufacture that matters. so much as the sales. I you can explore and develop the market, the n there is no reason at all why such a business should not be a success.
Best of luck with your venture.
PS: Being a vegetarian, I do not necessarily approve of such an idea, but if you don't have those sorts of scruples then there will be opportunities to exploit.
Jan 09, 2018
Silveradokid : Jan 09, 2018
magoo : Thank you Silveradkid .....LOL !! The Yi=ou Tube is hilarious ..
Jan 09, 2018
CharK63 : Hi Magic!
I jumped on this topic just to say a quick Good Luck on your idea and JUST DO IT!!
But while I was hunting it down I saw a whole bunch of interesting posts by you. It sounds like ( from the topic headings) you must be having a real, real good time (I hope) in your personal life and I say HURRAY FOR YOU!
Can't wait to get the detes but I have a lot of catching up to do! I don't want to sound stupid trying to write to y'all being 3 months behind on everybody's news.
There's no explaining me butting in here right now, but I've got to say I don't remember seeing that picture of your fine self before and the mental picture I had of you does it compare at all...
You say you're in Ireland? Well from that picture you could more than pass as a good old American cowboy! If you wanted, I mean.
Be talkin at ya soon.
Jan 10, 2018
CharK63 : I can't find the edit button! Although my phone doesn't know your name or have any manners, I know who I'm writing to and apologize for the misspell. Jan 10, 2018
magoo : Hi Charlotte , It's Magoo ...don't know how I got the nickname ? It was just a thought . They won't let him build on it so I was trying to think of some other use and a snail farm sounded like a possible idea ??
I live in Ireland these days but travel back and forth quite a bit . I used to live in San Francisco and in New York. I lived in DC for several years while taking care of my Brother in Law who had Brain Cancer ( Glial Blastoma ). I Love San Francisco. I just got back from DC...spent time with my Sister in ALexandria Virginia. Ireland is dark and gloomy as it always is this time .
of year.
I'm going to see my surgeon tomorrow . I was having some trouble but feeling a bit better now .
Thank you for the lovely comment about my appearance in my new pic. That is my new Lady Friend's hat . This was our Christmas Pic . I like the pic myself !! I think I look pretty cool !!! LOL
Jan 10, 2018
Bill : Hello magoo. Thinking of business ideas?
I've been trying to picture your brother's acreage and it reminded me of where I walk regularly, which is really boggy. What they farm there is cricket-bat willow, which thrives in that sort of wet environment. The trees grow quite quickly, and once the plantation gets going, it is harvested almost every year in a thinning out process. after they've taken out the mature trees, they immediately plant some more, which are obviously grown in a nursery somewhere as they are quite tall already.
It struck me, that this crop does not need much tending and is environmentally friendly. The person who grows and harvests the crop does not own the land but pays rent to the lady who does. It seemed like a good way to utilise an otherwise useless piece of land and not have to spend a lot of time actually hands-on farming.
just a thought!
Best wishes
Jan 11, 2018

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