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Rectum Removal With J-Pouch Removal .

Posted by magoo

Hi there my Fellow Baggers ,

                                              There is a whole new challenge ahead for me it would appear. Now that I have been lucky enough to find a lovely Lady who considers me worthy of her feminine charms ...and physical Delights ...a fearful proposition looms in my future.

   I've had persiatent Pouchitis for a while ...on and off for a few months . I often get abdominal cramping after eating or even when I don't eat . I get quite bad cramping in the Rectum area way too often and it is becoming a real pain in my Ass   !!! 

I knew I would have to have all this crap removed at some point and have the hole sewn shut . That time may finally have arrived . Now that I have a good reason to maintain a healthy , useful and functional erection I fear that this surgery could possibly rob me of that particular ability and all the wonderful pleasure that is associated with this wonderful organ in association with a willing wonderful  Lady  !!??  

   I would Love to get some feedback about the results of this surgery ...good and bad  !!  I want to know it all so don't hold back.

Were you still able to get it up ?? 

Were you able to achieve an orgasm ?? 

Was there any pain resulting from the surgery in the Penis area ??

Other issues alson come to mind .

How did the healing progress in the area of the removed Rectum ?? 

What possibility of Fistula in the area of the Butt ?? 

I have heard that there are often problems with the wound healing , infection etc etc ....

I would welcome any contribution to my sparse knowledge on this particular surgery. I would like to get it from the Horses mouth ....not from a Surgeon or a book or from a website info page . I want to hear it from someone who has had their Butt sewn shut ...and   had a de-functioning J-Pouch removed...hopefully someone has had both done at the same time and can let me know how it went for them .

  Of course your experience does not guarantee a similar experience for me , I get that ...I just need a little feedback ...the more the merrier ..Please ....


Thank you all in advance for your help .




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Southern161 : Hey Magoo,
I went through surgery this past Nov 29. I have a bag and no rectum, completely removed. I don't know what a J pouch is since I'm a newbie to all this. I'll be honest and tell you what I've experienced. Healing time is long and can be longer if your a diabetic, I am and still healing. It seems to me that the more you heal the tighter things get down there and can have those 1 or 2 second sharp pains from time to time. Needless to say you will walk very slow and careful for awhile. Fistula and infection I haven't had, thank God.
I have had no erection since my surgery. My Doc says they can take care of that, how I don't know yet. I have a follow up soon and will find out. I have a young wife that will prance around in front of me trying to get something to work, but nothing ... not even a little twitch. I have even looked at some xxx stuff on the internet trying to get some kind of stimulation going, it's a no go. I really want to find out his plan for the erection problem when I have my follow up and will let you know. I hope some of this is some help to you.
Best of luck,
Jan 11, 2018
xnine : Never had j-pouch, surgery was all at once in June 2014.
1 Yes, not sure how long it was before I could, but yes with help. Part due to age and part due to surgery.
2 Yes, most times, some times it is a lot of work
3 No
4 Slowly, when I was a kid a cut would heal before you knew it, it takes time now. It was at least a month for the incision to heal, used a cushion to sit on for that healing period. I still feel that incision today. It does not hurt exactly but I know it is there.
5 No idea
6 Yes, left a stitch behind after he took the first ones out. I was using too thick of a pad and it put pressure on the incision, something to watch for.

This was my stituation and may not be yours.
Jan 11, 2018
magoo : Thanks guys for the comments ...I hope I get some more feedback. My next appt is Mar and we will decide then when D Day will be , The wait will be possibly 3 months from March so I have plenty of time to prepare . I'll try to build up my strength and energy level . Do lots of swimming , biking if my Butt is agreeable ( I stand on the pedals as opposed to sitting on the saddle ) . I have a rowing machine at home so I will try to be in good shape when the " Mister " is ready to wield his scalpel !! Jan 11, 2018
ron in mich : Hi Magoo I,ve had the butt removal surgery when I got my ileo 33yrs. ago due to being very sick from colitis and it wasn't easy to heal from as I was so run down from the colitis. I didn't sit upright for at least a month and when I did I used the softest pillow we had in the house. the surgeon that did the work on me left about a one inch opening to allow for drainage, he did the same in my incision in the front. good luck with your surgery. Jan 12, 2018
Sasquatch : I'm gonna be right there with ya soon. Never had the J-Pouch done, but I'm looking at Oct-Nov this year to have my rectal stump removed. I just don't see the benefit of have the J-Pouch installed, let alone the extra surgery, plus the possibility of going back to a bag if it fails. Jan 12, 2018
magoo : Thanks Sasquatch....The J-Pouch worked well for a few years but was nothing but trouble for many more. I'm just a bit concerned about the possible problems with sexual function that could result from the Rectum removal . Is your Surgeon concerned about quality of life problems after the Stump surgery ? My Surgeon was rather flippant about it saying that and sexual dysfunction can be fixed with a Pill. He might not be so flippant if it was his own body involved !!! Not so sure about a pill if there is nerve damage !! ??. Since I've just found my lovely Lady she would be very disappointed if we were to lose this wonderful addition to both of our lives.
So has your surgeon addressed these issues... and infection etc etc ...any info would be welcome . Thank You.
Jan 12, 2018
magoo : Thank you Southern161 Your info is very welcome but a bit worrying I must admit . I hope things start looking up again for fun with your lovely Lady . You are lucky to have such a loyal Lady on your side. Keep on trying and keep it up once you get it up lol...Gotta keep your sense of humor too . All the Best ...Eamon.. Jan 12, 2018
Ostomytalk : Hey Magog man. I had the j-pouch removal done just last month. Supposed to be two part surgery but when the doc saw how inflamed the rectal stump was he decided to remove everything all at once. Seven hours later I awoke in a daze. But relieved when u found out it all went well and I would not have to go back for another surgery. The doc warned me about the possibility of penis problems and I did have penis pain on and off for three weeks post op. Especially when I tried to get an erection which was half of what I normally had. Also had blood in my come. But after three weeks my erection become stronger and pain subsided. Still have a bit of blood but the doc also said it was from trama down there and it would slowly clear the tubes out. Just got the stitches out of my anus which was painful but very relieving afterwards. I have a small fistula that is also still slowly draining and healing. Overall I'm very happy with how everything went and hope you have the same experience. Good luck! Jan 14, 2018

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