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Rectal Stump Removal.

Posted by magoo

Hi there Ladies and Gents.....

                                              Well I had a rather interesting couple of weeks just gone by .  I spent about ten days in hospital  , just out a few days.  

I had intermittant peoblems with urinating but would just take four Motrin and after  a half hour the Dam would burst and my swelling belly would deflate as I peeeeed   and peeeeed  lol...the Motrin worked.  The basic problem was and is in my Rectal Stump and my internal J-Pouch which is almost conxtantly being re=infected now ...." Pouchitis"  is the common name . 

   I've visited my consultant several times but my inflammation and pain were never bad enough to admit me there and then. We both agreed that the surgery could wait until there was no choice . The Doc seemed to agree . Then about two weeks ago I had a whole day of no Pee and my belly was swelling as usual and I took the Motrin as usual but this time it did not work.  About 2  AM  I called the Doc on call and drove to her  office . She Freaked and immediately gave me a heavy duty pain Demerol and then got a Foley Cath into me ....much to my relief . The pain was so bad I just fell to my knees when I walked in the door but luckily my own GP  was on and she didn't have to ask any questions , she knows me very well. 

  She immediately called an ambulance and shipped me to the nearest hospital .  Everything went well and with Flagyl, Cipro and Sulfa ( Pentassa ) and several pain meds the infection slowed and almost abated. I went to visit my Consultant Gastro SUrgeon in Dublin but no records from my hospital visit were available yet. .....wasted 150 mile trip there . . Next time I have an attack I will get to my Dublin hospital while I can still travel.  Hopefully,  when they actually see how bad it has become they will perform the necessary surgery. I am on a waiting list and obviously Cancer patients should always have priority ...totally understand that . Right now I just want this thing out of me . I have Never felt such giving birth to a bowling ball covered in sharp spikes ....closest I csn come to it. 

   Feeling better now , recovering at my wonderful Sister's & Hubby  house out in the country in the unusually hot weather we're

having . The weather has been really hot ...up to 80 deg so it's really nice weather for recovery . 

Now all I can do is wait my turn on the operating table....maybe before Christmas  ???   who knows, Once in the hospital and in a bed the system is great !!!   The care in hospital is wonderful in my experience . I know that when I do get the surgery  it will go well so I have no serious worries about the main surgery that I'm waiting for.  The Pouch and the Rectal Stump will be removed and the Anus closed  permsnently and this should end my pain and discomfort. 

    My new Lady Friend from Silicon Valley has booked a flight to come and visit me in early August and we both hope I will not be in Hospital when she arrives. She is such a Sweetie....she saus she doesn't care .....just wants to come and see me . I will rent a little cottage on the West Coast ...actually just down the road from me . I'm about 7 miles from the Wild Atlantic Coast  but  I want us to be near the cold , beautiful wild ocean. 

Forgetting about surgery and hospital for now ...waiting for my best friend in the world of the Ostomy and the world in general . 

Talk later .  Any more accounts of this surgery are always welcome. 

Love and Big Hugs to all my friends on this wonderful site. 

Eamon  .

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Bill : Hello Eamon. Thanks for the update and sorry to hear that you have had so much pain and problems. However, it sounds as if you have some much more positive things to look forward to in the near future with your friend due to visit. Very best wishes
Jul 26, 2018
Angelicamarie : Eamon.... Hi so sorry that you had to endure such pain. Pain is no ones friend. The best part is that you made it through. I'm glad you had such a caring lady. Eamon she's a keeper. (Smile). I will keep you in my thoughts as you recover. Please keep me in yours, as I continue recovering. Good luck. Angel Jul 26, 2018
magoo : Thank You Bill and Angel ...I have to catch up on your latest events Angel . Did you have the Stump removed ??
Right now I'm staying at my Sister's for a few days to get my head together. I am just so exhausted I don't even trust myself driving. I guess fighting a huge infection just uses you up .....has left me like a wet rag , in mind and body. I hate feeling like this . I didn't have the surgery yet , that will be in Dublin where my regular surgeon is.
I woke in a panic about Kitty coming here. My house is in the middle of renovation me and right now is a mess !! I don't know if I can handle her visit ...panicking that I won't be up to it cause I just feel like crap right now, like I just want to sleep and not wake up . The sun is gone again here in The West of Ireland ....our two week summer appears to be over ??
Jul 26, 2018
magoo : I should have said that I know Kitty will make me feel better and will put up with anything . I just have to get back to my house and put away the tools and get dusting and cleaning ....drop cloths over everything . For now I won't panic ....I hope ? We will rent a little place for a week anyway so we won't really be staying in my house much , maybe one night . I have to try to stop panicking . Maybe all the antibiotics have messed up my whole system ....I was getting large doses and pain meds which linger in the psyche .....hopefully my state of mind will improve.
Thank you guys ...Bill you are a Star ....just like Angel Love and hugs to all .....Eamon.
Jul 26, 2018
K.brooke.ileo : Hey Magoo ! A fellow man from the green isle here :). NI . I've had a sort of similar track with large differences. Rectal stump left in place after permanent formation. That was the situ for 3 years then cancer risk stated as reason for no more waiting. My consultant stated the longer a particular tissue formation remains unused the big c risk does rise. Not to scare u. Just passing I info along. So I went for the proctotectemy as discharge was becoming problematic. Mucosal passage pushing me to utilise heavy ladies menstrual absorption pads to stop ruination of the old undercrackers heh. Anyway. Also was suffering stump pain. Badly. V badly. Abbesses continued to form from pockets of bad infection issues. They are not nice as u prob know. I left it until it was a small balloon and could barely see with pain. Also a prior ileostomy fissure and fistula wanted to remain active. I needed daily pain Meds. Oxycont etc. And a nurse every morn for dressing changes. Very dignified heh. ;(. Anyhow. Due to circumstances and deterioration in mental state comprising anxiety and depression issues and having to manually use non needle syringes 50 times a day with local anaesthetic .. I was bumped up the surgical list. For proctectomy. I.e. stump removal. I had no j pouch . Was permanent sub total colectomy from the start. No internal options appropriate. So. To get to the point. Got stump removed. Usual warning if working in that area and possible erectile malfunction or impotence didn't even put me off. I needed all the pain and madness to stop ! Heh. K. Woke up I'm ICU. 2 weeks there. Under usual tube feed and stoma to floor box and urinary Cath. Drain pipes from surgical site and such fun. If I'm honest. And this is obviously personal experience. We all diff. It was the worst surgery I've enjured. And I've had a lot fully invasive. Blockages etc. Recovery pain even with morph drip was insane ... Blah. Not that this means same for all by any means. Just sharing personal . Took me longest to recover. pain was just not on. They said was very difficult over 6 hrs. So prob just my case. ! Then things slowly get awesomely better ! U can do it and think of all the positives after. Win sir! Hope I didn't talk invoking fear. Not my intention . Speak soon with q man. Anytime. Good to hear from someone in the same geo region :). Latersssss Jul 28, 2018
magoo : Hi there Mr K ....Your message was so refreshing , so honest . I really appreciate your honesty about your situation. I have had Most of the Rectum Tissue removed so As with yourself The Stump is causing Mayhem down there ...This time inside my Entire Pelvis . I was rushed to hospital in an Ambo two weeks ago ....(Seems like a Year !!!! ) . Extreme pain , swelling inside ....although no abscess , had three in the past. This time I could not Pee all day but I felt like I was just about to !!?? At 2AM I drove to the doc on call and she took care of me from there , I remember little . I am on a list to have my major surgery as soon as possible. The latest flare-up, Ten days in hospital , I hope to get it in the next few months . It just proves how much I need it !?
Patience is a Virtue they say lol ( Those who never have to wait ). You gotta keep your sense of humor !! .
I've been lucky enough to meet a lovely lady ( partly through this site !! ) who is flying to Ireland to see me before any surgery happens . It is nice to have someone to confide in and someone to Trust and I still find it hard to believe that I found someone who wants me ....for me !!We have spoken about the possible drawbacks , temporary or otherwise !! This fact makes it all a little easier on me but Harder on Her ....Eamon .
Jul 28, 2018
dadnabbit : Eamon, So sorry to hear of your pain and misery. BUT, it sounds as if your sun is coming to you, personally. I'm glad Miss Kitty can make a trip over to help you recover your strength in preparation for your necessary surgery. Don't be hesitant to let her in. AND DON'T be silly and worry about the state of your home renovations. I KNOW she won't give it a thought and will welcome the opportunity to be of some help to you. As you and I have spoken in the past, love and laughter are the greatest strengths and will help you to keep a positive attitude about the upcoming ordeal. The warmth of another persons touch gives us unbelievable good energy. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, and KNOW that your friends here are very concerned for you and will think only good thoughts until you can finally have the surgery and be on the road to complete recovery. IF (and only if) you are up to it, be sure to show Kitty some of the places in your beautiful photos while enjoying a RESTFUL time together. Please keep in touch.
Jul 31, 2018
Mayoman : Hi there N ...great to hear from you , as always XO. I am a bit worried and nervous about Kitty coming here. If the weather is ok we will spend a lot of times driving the coast . There are a lot of old Megalithic sites all over Mayo and amazing sea cliff scenery. There is a Castle from 1202 100 yards from the house we will stay in. We'll stay in Navan , just outside Dublin with Pat & Phil for a night and then head here to Mayo. This part of the coast is famous for big surfing waves and this is the right time of year for surfer-watching ( FREEZING !!! water ) .
The river through my town ( Ballina ) is the last best Salmon river in Europe . I was watching the fishermen standing out in the river as Seals and River Otters came up chasing the Salmon only feet from the guys fishing. The fishermen are getting quite a few nice big Salmon ....Mmmmmm Sushi
I'm sure Kitty will enjoy the visit and she is really coming to see me ( genuinely !) but we will have a lot of fun ....even if the rain does come ...there's a fireplace and a rug !!! all we need is a warm cuddle ...and who knows what might happen !! lol Already did and was heaven ..
Love and Hugs Nancy ...Eamon XO guys help Sooo much when I need it ....thanks .
Jul 31, 2018

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