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Loss And A Broken Heart , My Miss Kitty - 2

Posted by magoo

     I have always been a big introvert and I never made friends easily . I sometimes must have appeared a little "creepy" in that I would show that I was interested but rarely 

followed through to start a conversation , with anyone . I guess I became comfortable in my personal solitiude and adjusted to the fact that I never had someone to share inner

thoughts and possibly never would . 

   My encounter with GI Disease pretty much cemented the facts as they were and set my solitude in stone . Who would accept this new fact of my life . I must say there was

a lot of feeling sorry for myself and quite a bit of bitterness . My large loving family picked up the slack and welcomed me when I traveled and visited the many places where 

my family had set down roots . I would spend summers on Long Island with my Brother and his family . Living on the water he has a boat so my visits were always filled with barbecues 

days swimming in the warm Long Island Sound . Fire Island is just across the Bay and fills with College students and parties every summer . The beaches are clean , the water is warm and 

the people inviting . My other home away from home was Washington DC , Alexandria , just outside DC actually . My Siater lives in a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired subdivision with low profile 

lovely houses which look as if they sprouted from the forest floor like so many square edged mushrooms . A winter Wonderland when there is a heavy fall of snow. I enjoyed the photo ops afforded 

by a four foot snowdrift  before invaders leave footprints and snowblower scars in the pure white landscape . Photography can be a lonely persuit because the beauty seen by the lens is not readily

apparent to the casual observer . A blade of grass with ice crystals forming as one observes it is a magical vision . A colorful Daffodil blossom emerging from a snowpile is a thing of beauty . 

Photography , especially of Nature is the perfect hobby for an introvert and it still is for me . 

     I moved to California  in the early 80's and lived there until the late 90's when my Dad passed away in Ireland . I moved to Ireland at this time without knowing when I would return .

My Mom , in her 80's wished to stay in our small family home  until her last days and to facilitate this I decided to stay and live with Mom . All the people I had known as a child had flown the nest

to inhabit  the farthest reaches of the globe . Most Irish kids would eventually move to the US , Australia or England in the old days , not so much in our modern world .

    While living in Ireland I never socialized very much and really had no close friends . I guess I knew I would eventually leave again and would not have anyone to leave behind . I am comfortable

with my oen company so this was not really a difficult existence for me and my Mom was a lovely sweet lady  and a pleasure to be with so I was quite content while I lived in Ireland .  I  never

practiced photography as a profession but the opportunities in Ireland are endless for observing nature in all it's glory . 

    A woman like my lovely Kitty had always been my dream but I never expected this dream to ever come true , not in my wildest dreams .


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Angelicamarie : Hi Magoo, nice reading your written feelings for Miss kitty once again. It sounds like your still with Miss Kitty. Your have always spoke about her with so much admiration. Good to see a familiar name.. Be well! Nov 28, 2020
Lily17 : Good Evening, Magoo~

As people, we can sometimes make assumptions about others based upon appearances. Your writings let me know a little of what lies in the heart beneath the black hat in your picture.

From one introvert to another, thank you for sharing, and be well~

Nov 29, 2020

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