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Religious Hope And Miracles

Posted by magoo

Hi guys , I was never much on Religion ,  well not exactly true . Until I was maybe ten years old , around that time  I began to question things and the logic of some things which people believe , sight unseen  .          "  Faith " is  the key I have been told in the past , unwavering faith in things you cannot , cannot hear , cannot smell . In life we must have some degree of faith  in things we are taught  , things we cannot personally xperience or see first hand . . I just saw a short ittle video by Carl Sagan ( if you don't know him you should ask Mrs Google and read a little about him .  His nstructive video shows how the ancient Greeks figured out that the world was in fact Round .  It is a  fairly  " simple " concept to prove as Erathostines  managed to do . ( the video is on youtube  ) . It is such an elegant proof but he had to have a worker walk for many miles and count the paces he took  to find the distance between two obelisks  . I can have Faith in the conclusions reached  because the method used can be understood by almost anyone , Almost  !!  

   Some scientific facts and conclusions are not so easily understood , even by educated people  if not educated in the particular field of science . Science is usually self correcting  in that a theory without  sufficient proof or  data to back it up  will be peer reviewed and deemed to be  correct or incorrect , sloppy erronious research  or research that can be trusted . I cannot fly to the Moon or descend into the Matianuas  Trench about 7 miles down  but when I see enough evidence and an explanation of how the work was carried out  I generally  , using common sense and logical reasoning  conclude that the  " facts "  i am presented with are Real Facts or as a blonde  and rather offensive ( at times ) white House press secretary once said  " Alternative Facts " . There are Facts and then there are simple Lies ,   

    I could not be in  a lab in Wuhan  or a Batcave , just as I cannot be on the Moon  so at some point I have to believe that sciebce is indeed self correctin and above all honest .. Peer Review should theoretically   seperate the wheat fro. The chaff , eventually . 

    Elizabeth Holmes , currently on trial for massive fraud  is a person who managed to fool the medical community , members of her Board , scientists an Celebrities , Henry Kissinger for one example . This is whathappens when Peer Review drops the ball or I suspect complicit in the fraud . . Bad science happens but  it is usually expoded pretty quickly . The instigato of the Autism fiasco  found and admitted the fraud and publicly exposed it .  This is why I trust science . Frauds give science and scientista a bad name and they are rooted oyt and  their fraudulent  " Research " is excised from the scientific literature .

   When every major  medical organization on the planet backs the conclusions and research  I think I believe it rather than some Facebook contributer ..

    OK  , I really mean it this time  !!!  No mre on this from me !!! 

Love and peaceful times to all on board .

Eamon /  sometimes Magoo  ☘🐻

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Sep 27, 2021
magoo : I can't believe all my typos in the preceding piece !!!! I was typing while lying on my back with low light and in a bit of discomfort with my Butt so I wasn't on the ball with my spelling and didn't correct anything before I posted it ...sorry, I'm usually more anal about writing and errors but in this case my actual Anal area was being a pain in the ass ( Ha Ha Ha !! ) I neglected my proof reading before I hit send . Anyway I think I got my idea across ?? The world of science can be Cutthroat at times and even dishonest but as some wise man once said . " You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time But you can't fool All of the people All of the time ".
Thanks for reading my little streams of consciousness . Stay healthy and always vote in every election no matter what party you support , the important thing is to have your voice heard , right !! Eamon ..
Sep 27, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
Thank you for airing/sharing your views with us and I do hope you feel 'relieved' by the exorcise/exercise.
Whilst agreeing with much of your reasoning, there are many aspects of your discussion that need exploring further, but unfortunately I do not have time to address them all.
However, there are a few things that seem worthy of a quick comment:
1) I tend to have a problem with 'believing' much of the pharmaceutical-'science, when they tend to only publish what they want the public (& the authorising bodies) to know about. I once read an obscure article in a respected journal where an individual had researched some unabridged versions of pharmaceutical research to find that the PLACEBO's were more effective than the drugs they were hoping to market ( & the placebo's had far fewer 'side-effects'). (I SUSPECT THAT THIS WHISTLEBLOWER WAS EVENTUALLY ROOTED OUT AND SACKED!!)
2) Regarding voting at elections: I would be much more likely to vote in every election if they had a box that read: "NONE OF THE ABOVE!" How can people 'believe' or trust that their voice is being heard in political circles if there is nobody voicing their views there?
3) Religion, politics, angst/pain - these are all topics that turn some people on and turn others off. Personally, I am not opposed to open discussion on these topics, but so often the 'opposition' on both sides are not willing to listen, so the protagonists seem to be talking to themselves.

Best wishes
Sep 27, 2021
magoo : Hi Bill , Thank you so much for your creative criticism , always welcome . There is no shortage of ethical violations and very many Criminal violations in dealing with approval of medications , their efficacy and outright Bribery in pushing particular medications even when they are known to be useless at best and very dangerous at worst . There are more examples of these sickening cases we could possibly address . A very clear and obvious, vicious and purposeful case of this crap is the Criminal activity involved in the Opiate Disaster which has cost and continues to cost thousands of lives , tens of thousands of broken homes, suicides , overdoses etc etc . I don't know if this disgusting and sickening story has reached Europe or the UK but I hope it has, a cautionary tale which I think will be too quickly forgotten . -pain
This Link will get you to The New Yorker Magazine and give you a picture of just how low Big Pharma will stoop in pursuit of the almighty Dollar , Euro, yen etc etc. It is worth a read even if you have heard of this corporate ' Genocide ' . This company run by the Sackler Family conspired to INTENTIONALLY addict tens of thousands of patients , including ex military with PTSD . The Veteran's Administration in the US was one of the partners in this criminal enterprise . There are internal emails and memos within the Sackler organization and Perdue Pharma, owned by Sacklers . They actually put down in writing a plan to addict tens of thousands of people to Oxycontin .
This is a very powerful Pain Med that was only given to terminal patients with intractable pain when it was first released, many times more powerful than Morphine . The Sacklers planned and carried out a plot to deliberately get people addicted . When a Doc would not prescribe it for an addicted patient the result , very often , was that the patient would buy Heroin on the street and eventually die . Doctors claim that they never imagined how addictive this drug is because Purdue faked or cherry picked studies that they claimed to show that Oxycontin is not seriously addictive . I will never believe that Doctors actually believed this fabricated BS that it could be safely prescribed for almost any pain , sprained ankle, toothache or any minor pain . One week on full dosage of this will get most people hopelessly addicted . I was taking Vicoden , a first cousin of OXY but much less powerful and I knew that it was addictive .
Corporations are classified as " A Person " in court proceedings dealing with political activity , with the same rights as any citizen when donating to election campaigns , virtually no limits making it very easy and Legal to Buy a particular Party or Politician . Goldman Sachs has had an active presence in EVERY administration of both parties .
For the purpose of legal action against a Corporation ( other than Political ), corporate Manslaughter, Financial Malfeasence , any and every type of fraud and criminal activity the Corporation is classified as a Corporation . The only penalty facing a Corporation for these Actual Criminal Activities is a Monetary Fine . No Board member or corporate officer can be charged with a crime because legally it was " The Corporation " that perpetrated the alleged Criminal actions and not some actual human beings . I'm pretty sure there is only One case where a corporate head was jailed . His company dissolved circuit boards to extract precious metals such as Gold, a very dangerous process . Concentrated Nitric Acid was used and stored in 50 gallon drums . The Boss ordered the skull and crossbones symbols removed from the barrels. Workers would lean over these barrels to dip the circuit boards into the Nitric Acid and several workers died .
This " get out of jail free card " means there are Zero consequences for corporate criminality . Sacklers made countless Billions over many years and caused the deaths of thousands of people over those years , broken families , suicides etc etc . The monetary fine assessed against the Sacklers was 4.5 Billion Dollars . That is four point five , Not 45 . A drop in the golden bucket for such people and they will pay it out of future earnings so they pay nothing up front and set sail on their Yacht or Yachts into the sunset .
So yes Bill there is enormous criminal activity in big pharma . A Doctor gave lectures around the US in which he confessed in public on a stage that he had been taking large amounts of actual money ( not vacations on the corporate Island etc ) to push certain drugs even if a drug was not indicated as treatment for the ailment for which he prescribed it . A rep would walk into his office say Hi with a wink and a nod , drop a check for ten or twenty thousand dollars onto his desk , say Bye and walk out . Samples of a drug would have been dropped off to the Doc's secretary earlier so the message was clear, this is the drug of choice being pushed by this Corporate Drug Dealer . The Doc could possibly lose his/ her license but the Corporate guy might get a fine if uncovered .
Sorry about the length of my rant !!but just one more thing about Journal articles . I once had a consultation in Harrow on the Hill with a Gastric Surgeon . I traveled from Ireland and before I went I spent days and nights collecting Journal articles BMJ and others regarding The Koch Pouch to see if it was right for me . I met the Doc / Professor and after a chat he asked me if I could talk to his final year students about Ulcerative Colitis and my complicated case . I spoke with Five or six students for about a half hour and they asked lots of questions , it was fantastic . My question was how relevant are these Journal articles in deciding on having a procedure done or Not having a procedure, like the Koch Pouch . The articles made it sound perfect for me and I had been quite anxious to have it done . Well the Professor burst my bubble pretty quickly . He explained what the articles left out , the real downside for me and future complications. He told me to read the articles for general information but not to take the articles as Gospel , especially in deciding Yea or Nay on a possible medical procedure . He told me up front ( he was a Good and Decent man , no bullshit from him ) that facts and data are cherry picked in order to get the articles published and to take all of it with a grain of salt. Problems or Potential problems would be swept under the rug and glossed over . He explained why he would not recommend the surgery and the possible complications which made it a bad idea for me. I flew home a lot wiser than when I left .
I am generally a serious sceptic and a chronic second guesser but the bigger picture in this particular case of the Covid Vaccine seems to indicate that the Vaccine is helpful in , at least lessening the seriousness of the Virus if you are infected and it is clear that vaccinated people can actually get it and people who have had it can get it a second time . This is all disclosed and common knowledge . Anything you put into your body can have a negative effect on your health , people have allergic reactions to almost anything . It is clear that some people will have adverse reactions to the Vaccination , it would be highly suspect if there were no bad reactions . I got the two shot version and had absolutely zero side effects but I was wary and paid close attention to my body for weeks after to alert me to any side effects . Happily there were none . I still wear a mask when in close proximity to other people . On all four planes I just flew on had mask rules and people followed the rules . I see no hardship in wearing a mask , even if is not 100% total protection and it seems like common sense to do that until Covid is clearly not a threat. The general medical community world wide seems to approve of these vaccines and since I can do very limited research by myself I have to weigh the pros and the cons and I think it passes the general safety test. Many people will remember the horrific Thalidomide disaster . Yes indeed I think pregnant women are right to be extremely worried and careful at a time like this and I have no words of wisdom in that regard , I just don't have any information to consider . My Nephew's wife here in Cal has a little boy and is currently pregnant , She is a Nurse in San Francisco in the Baby Delivery department ( the Stork Department ) and has not been vaccinated . She has tons of doubts and fears and probably studied the Thalidomide tragedy which had babies being born without arms or legs and some with neither , just writing that sentence sent a shiver down my spine and my heart goes out to women / couples in this position .
For the general public the vaccines , so far seem to be safe and effective in keeping people out of the ICU and even out of hospital . The real fear we should have is for the next version of such a virus , the version for which we will have no defense. Does it take bleeding eyeballs and ears ( as the movies like to portray it ) to scare the shit out of the entire population and take things seriously ?? That may be the next version of Covid . I was having several surgeries at the height of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco . When I saw men with Kaposi Sarcoma lesions and that really scared the shit out of me because I had to have several blood transfusions during that period when the SF Blood Bank supplies were known to be compromised , I got lucky , very lucky . Nobody would admit the blood bank had infected blood and the public was very confused and very, very scared at this unidentified plague . My mailman died from it , neighbors died all around us in San Francisco , Ground Zero for AIDS . That period really did feel like a horror movie until the real facts became clear .
There I go again , rambling on and on .... lol All the best Dudes and Ladies , stay safe .
Sep 28, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
Please feel free to rant all you like. I think you make some very good points on a number of differing subjects.
It concerns me that we have allowed the lawmakers to create laws which exempt the rich and penalise the poor;
It concerns me that ethics does not seem to factored in to criminality;
Man-made disaster lie Thalidomide and many more are also concerning;
Your point- "Does it take bleeding eyeballs and ears (as the movies like to portray it) to scare the shit out of the entire population and take things seriously ?? " reminds me of the horrific effects that myxomatosis (Another man-made disaster) had/has on rabbits. If that had spread to humans, your concept of 'disaster' would have been very real;
I found your experience and advice from the Doc/prof at Harrow on the Hill similar to the initial chat I had with my surgeon about the Koch Pouch.
There is one broader factor that I often contemplate in terms of man-made disasters and that is contained in the concept of 'short-term interests 'v' long-term effects'.
Things like pollution and climate change have received some publicity of late. However, other things like the proliferation of nuclear energy (of one sort or another) spring to mind, where this & previous generations are storing up 'disasters' for generations to come.
One thing is for sure: Mankind has created plenty of things for us to rant about, and most of them relate to unkindness, selfishness and greed. Perhaps it is these aspects of life that need to be criminalised on a personal level, so that those who benefit also pay.
Best wishes

Sep 29, 2021
magoo : Thank you Bill , you are a Gentleman and a Scholar . I think thr importance of the US Supreme Court is lost on a lot of Americans . The ruling by the Supreme Court in the Bush / Gore Presidential election in which SCOTUS ( shorthand ) ruled that vote counting had to stop and a winner declared , this was a ruling that gave a very tight election to Bush . SCOTUS decided who the President would be .I wasn't in love with Al Gore but when you see the results of the Bush Presidency ( Dick Cheney called all the shots in that period , surrogate President ) . The illegal invasion of Iraq based on lies , all the carnage and dead bodies in Iraq , all the US soldiers killed , a TRILLION Plus Dollars pissed away . The President picks the SCOTUS members and Trump managed to fill the majority with his cronies and accolites . The Supreme Court is way more important than any President in making and confirming the laws of the land . I think most elections entail choosing the lesser of two evils ...the one who will do the least damage and maybe do something positive .In my view Trump was The Manchurian Candidate , consorting with Despots , Fascists , and Dictators while denigrating and ignoring real Statesmen / Women . I firmly believe that he has caused the unnecessary deaths of several hundred thousand people from Covid . I think that the scientists involved did not openly declare the seriousness of Covid soon enough , they messed up the orders/ suggestions about masks and the tests from the CDC were a total fiasco and useless .
The seriousness of all these consequences must be taken into account when people say ...." ..they're all the same .." The Iraq war and the Covid disaster prove to me that it Really does matter who sits in the Oval Office . With Gore there might have been an Afganistan war but almost certainly Not an Iraq war . The Democrats were asleep at the wheel while Republicans were Gerrymandering voting districts all over the country , especially the South . The Republican plan was to "Stack " the courts , State Supreme Courts and The Us Supreme Court with people with the same ultra conservative members who always lean Conservative . This happened up and down the chain of leadership , from local school boards to Governors . The ultra conservatives got on school boards and pushed Evolution off the table and tried to replace it with teaching " CREATIONISM !! These people are the Taliban or ISIS without the AK 47s ....actually they have machine guns !!! A really Scary thought !!! Thankfully the Sane parents would not stand for that and the Fanatics were ousted from positions of power . They actually wanted to teach kids that the Earth is 6,000 ( SIX THOUSAND ) years old . Religion is just fine as long as it stays in the Home , where it belings !! . Going on too long here . I have a tale of a place called Ferguson Missouri ...going to have a bit of a rant about that and how Sane people can take back the reins from " The Raving Looney Party " ...Monty Python ????????
Good health and prosperity for all in the future for all ....well we can dream !! ??????
Sep 30, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
I am so glad that you made this discussion separate from the others, as this gives people who don’t want to think about politics the opportunity to ‘switch off’.
The way you describe the US system and the Supreme Court seems to reflect our own system here in the UK (as well as most other political systems around the world) with the politicians trying to slew the bias their way. With cronies , acolytes, nepotism, discrimination, unfairness, and personal advancement at the expense of others seems to be the way these people think and do.
It is my belief that one of the reasons for the UK’s exit from the EU, was for these people to escape the judgements of the European Court of Justice , to circumvent the Declaration of Human Rights, and to replace these with the sort of antiquated, unfair systems of their ‘glorious’ if infamous past.
It is interesting that you compare your rulers with other terrorist organisations, as I have a little ‘exercise’ I often adopt when listening to their vitriolic rhetoric: I will envisage their so-called ‘enemies’ making exactly the same speeches (with the same words) about them.
The words and sentiments almost always fit both parties and I tend to finish the ‘exercise’ by contemplating the wider picture, of how the world has been largely spoiled by those who believe that unkindness, greed, and self-interest, somehow equates with ‘progress’.
Best wishes

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