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Loss And A Broken Heart, My Miss Kitty

Posted by magoo

Hi there fellow Baggers . We were almost praying for rain in California  and guess what !?  Tomorrow will be the third day  of literally non-stop  deluge of rain  . We have had no rain in the SF Bay Area  since probably last Christmas , that was just a little drizzel .  There is a front which looks like a Hurricane flooding places  from Wash/ Oregon  to San Jose . It is welcome and will rescur many people and their water based vacation businesses.  The fires have stripped vegetation  from the scorched Earth  , killed thousands / Millions of trees  and set the scene for the usual horrible landslides  and mudslides up and down the Cal Coast . . I have seen this type of rain only a few times  in Cal . In Ireland it is an everyday occurance  for sx to 9 months of the year .  Ireland has  countless acres / Sq Miles of Bogland  which acts like a sgiant sponge and absorbs most of the water  and the countless lakes  fill to overflowing . There is some flooding in some areas due to public works and ill advised home / business construction  in places that habitually flood ... Stupidity or corruption  or bad planning  bring these floodwaters down on the heads of  homeowners and Farmers . When I am in Ireland I usually would take a train to get to Dublin  for Specialist appts or to get sliced open from Stem to Stern . The train goes West ( Mayo )  to East ( Dublin ) and crosses the middle of the Country . The middle of the Country is like a Bowl and this Bowl was filled with Bogs and Peat  Swamps . This area used to act like a giant Sponge and absorbed the water and let it harmlessly flow into rives and lakes .  Government  and it's business partners  have strip mined the middle of the country  for Peat for many years . This is the same Peat that comes in bags and is good for your garden.  When this is highly compressed  it turns into " Brickettes "  , hard solid bricks of Peat which is burned in a home's  fireplace for heat and also for cooking with solid fuel cookers / stoves . .  This is also used in bulk to burn in power stations . While passing through this area these days the water can be half way up the telephone poles , no linger absorbed by the Bogs that used to be there . , the countryside will often look like one giant lake with  rock outcroppings becoming Islands  and a safe place for some wildlife and Cows / Sheep .  As in the US  bad planning systems and a lot of corruption and bribery  results in destroying the natural flood solutions . 

As Joni Mitchell would say , " ...they paved paradise and put up a parking lot .."   I intended to say something else but the rain pounding on the windows and roof  sent me off on a tangent !! 🙂.

    What I was going to write about was the fact that this day last year  brought me some of the worst news I have ever had to endure . This day ( 24th Oct)  marks the one year  anniversary of  the loss of my sweet Miss Kitty . We were going to go out and mark this day somehow in a meaningful way . . The weather was so bad we just hing out together in the kids apt ...I'm still here with Fran and Aedan . I took each of them aside and we had a hug  as I told them that Kitty would be proud of them for the way they have handled  the loss of their Sweet Mon and their best friend in the world . I might write a bit more tomorrow . Out Internet went out this morning  so hope it is restored by the AM ..

RIP   Miss Kitty wherever you are , , you gave me something I never had before ,( except for my family )  , unconditional Love  and so many experiences that I never would have had without you . Miss you Sweetie .


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Oct 25, 2021
Bill : Hello Eamon.
My thoughts are with you on this first anniversary. These are probably the worst to get through emotionally but it is good to have family around so that such events can be experienced together.
As for the destruction of our natural environment - I agree wholeheartedly with what you say about Ireland, but I am sorry to say that similar things are happening around the world, where the greed of the few, impacts on everyone and everything else.
Best wishes
Oct 25, 2021
delgrl525 : Hi Eamon, I feel for you on this tough anniversary. It must be a comfort to have her children with you, a part of her of sorts. I'll share something I haven't told many. When my Larry was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, and his prognosis was still very uncertain, I had never experienced such terror. I had a sudden feeling that I wished we had had a child, so that I would still have, at least, a part of him. It was an absurd thought really. Neither of us wanted children and had made the right choice many years ago, and yet there it was. I can tell you that things will gradually get easier, and you will reach the point where those memories are sweet without the overwhelming sadness.

We are experiencing the same storm as you, wind and lots of rain. It's engulfed the entire west coast. Glad you are getting some badly needed relief.

Oct 25, 2021
Earth Angel : Eamon,
I am so sorry for your heartache in the first anniversary of your loss of your beloved Kitty. Spend your days thinking of how truly special she was to you and immerse yourself in the special memories you have of your sweet girl. I'm sure she's looking down on you and her children with much love. Thinking of you in your difficult time. God bless ????????
Oct 25, 2021
lovely : Eamon, I know what you are feeling I have lost two husbands. There is a saying time heals, but that is not true. You will always have your memories, time makes it easier to bear. I know it does mot seem like it right now. Grieving is different for people and there are stages we go through. So you just take the time you need and don't let anyone tell you it is time to move on. I pray the Lord will give you comfort.

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