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Posted by magoo

Hi there my friends and fellow Baggers . 

   I think that our collective sanity would  have taken a huge hit by now  (  well more than it already has ,  ) if not for Netflix , Amazon  etc .  I should have been a movie critic  !!  I'm a visual type person .  If I'm thinking of a date  I will visualize a Calander . I love listening to lectures on NPR ( OF COURSE )   , talk shows about almost anything  as long as it is informative in some way .   I must say that  Movies and tv have saved my sanity .  In Ireland I got rid of cable tv  and kept my Modem and  High Speed Fiber . I get higher speed there than in  the Bay Area ( SF ) .  

    I've been hanging out with Kitty's kiddies and have been using an  Xfinity  Hotspot  to get the internet . Xfinity is providing hot spots to non-customers  in this area  free of charge during the Pandemic .  

    I have seen some reallly  good movies and series while locked in my three different locations .  Iwe watched a movie tonight called  , appropriately  ,  " Don't look Up " .   Meryl Streep is the President  (  resembling the Great  (  😱😱)  Sarah Palin .  A Comet is rapidly approaching and people , White House  etc  have to be convinced that this is real  and the Earth  will face total dedtruction if  they cannot  find a solution .

A +     for Matt Damon and Meryl Streep .  

Two thumbs up for  this one .  Like Covid , if there is not peeling skin and bloody eyeballs the movies then it doesn't exist . 

Worth a look .  Netflix . 

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Dec 29, 2021
AlexT : Isn't there an asteroid that's supposed to get real close to our atmosphere soon? So, don't look up on that day. ???? I think Unhinged was the most recent movie I've watched but it's not for little kids or those that don't like violence.
Dec 29, 2021
delgrl525 : You're not the first person to comment on how good that movie is. It's next on my list to watch, thanks!

Dec 29, 2021
magoo : Hi Guys , I saw Unhinged and it pretty much puts Today ( all next year !!) In a Nutshell . All some people need is one tiny excuse . Where I am right now , Oakland / Berkely there were two horrible tragedies . Two cars had some kind of altercation , cut off , honked , just made " Eye Contact" !!! Bullets were exchanged between the cars ...with ANOTHER FFFFNG CAR IN BETWEEN !!! Are these fffng people human anymore . This happened twice within ten days . On both occasions the bullets found a young child , 2...4 yrs I think . As far as I know both children died and the two Monsters just kept on driving .
Once again the movies immitate real life with tragic consequences . Now is a great time to just let anyone stroll around with an AR !! ????????
Dec 29, 2021
magoo : "Don't Look Up" reflects very sadly on today's level of intelligence , Not intelligence because people generally seem to be capable of understanding the world around them , they just do not seem to care to acknowlege the Bad Bits !! Similar to the way the Media took " Great Leader" as a big joke when they should have been running around with " their hair on fire " ( 911 ) . Howard Stern , a pretty wacky guy on the New York radio but actually very smart and shrewd . When Trump was looking good for a Win Howard Stern said that as a very good friend of Trump he would predict a total disaster for Trump personally . He said that basically Trump was psychologically unstable and he feared for everyone if he was elected . This was when so many people had their heads in the sand , just like Brexit in GB . Like the teenager who drives 120 MPH just to see what it feels like with no consideration for consequences . I think the name " Don't look Up " may come from Trumps statement about testing for Covid . Paraphrase....if we didn't do so much testing we would not have so many cases of Covid " . This shows at best a total disregard for human life and at worst a hope that the poor minority areas and generally the poor parts of the country would be decimated but they are no that complicated , just " Idiocracy" at work .
This is a movie is definitely worth watching , sadly quite funny at times. Meryl Streep does a great Sarah Palin inspired character lol ..
Dec 29, 2021
magoo : Sorry about bringing politics into it but it was too strong to ignore .
Next very watchable .....drumroll .
"Mr Mercedes " . It starts off a bit slow but quickly becomes addictive . Brendan Gleeson is a brilliant Curmudgeon , bad tempered ex cop , Irish American so he has to love the booze ? but it works here .
Kitty's two kiddies have an Autism diagnosis and they loved the portrayal of Autism by the gorgeous Justine Lupe ( Holly ). I , we found it riveting and very entertaining . Great show and enough episodes to entertain .
Eamon ?

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