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Hell On Wheels ....True Gold

Posted by magoo

Hi all ,  I saw this show before but I am watching it again with my Brother /  housemate  who never saw it before .

   The name is "Hell on Wheels "   and it tells part of the story of the  Railroad expansion across the Great Plains , killing or evicting  Native Americans along the way .  This is probably the best depiction of this whole process hat I've ever seen .  It takes place just after the Civil War and animosity is present in every scene .

    The new Irish Immigrants  work with but  separate from  the work crews made up of newly freed Slaves .  Colm Meany is just brilliant as Mister Durant , the totally ruthless    Master of the project  working from East to West .  Another  rail project was underway going from West to East  . They would meet somewhere around the Rockies . 

    The Irish are properly depicted as racist  and  abusive towards the freed Slaves  , being one or two steps higher on the social ladder .  It shows the need for people to have someone , some group to look down on .....I'm  not rich or even too smart   But at least I'm one step above the one-time  Slaves . 

You will not regret taking a look .  9  out of 10 . !! 

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Jan 03, 2022
sunflower111 : I watched that show awhile back and really enjoyed it. :)
Jan 03, 2022
AlexT : I work for that railroad. We were told when it came out to not comment on it. We were also told to not comment on the movie Unstoppable. Hell on Wheels is fairly accurate and the way the movie portrays railroad life back then is probably a little nicer than it actually was. Brutal life back then and there were thousands that died to build the railroad.
Jan 03, 2022
magoo : Hi and thank you , I wondered if anyone had seen it . I'm Irish born so I can say how racist they were and I might add many still are , mostly what we call " The Lace Curtain Irish " ...conservative right wingers on the East.Coast who think " their shit don't stink " ( pardonnez moi ????) . It was dog eat dog so I guess you had to climb over many bodies to get a leg up !!
I went with my Sweetie, Kitty and the Kiddies to the Railroad Museum in Sacramento and much of the scenes and characters were right there in the history at the Museum . The well appointed accomodations for the Boss impresses !!
I introduced my Brother to it and we were talking about people today complaining about the terrible " Burden" of wearing a mask !! To help save lives !! We do live at a privileged time and place in the world but many people can't seem to believe that . .
My 89 year old Mom used to say ..." people talk about the ' good old days ' , well I can tell you , they were not that good !!! " In her old age she embraced the new world that she and Dad got to experience in New York California and Virginia / DC . My Mom's back was bent from washing clothes on a scrubbing board for so many years . They both loved the idea that so much has changed for the better and people are so much better off , Not All people , especially African Americans and Native Americans yet but we can dream .
The treatment of Chinese in the West would be another horrific eye opener for many people .
I think what it shows is that no Immigrants were exempt from having their boot on the lowest in the hierarchy , Native Americans ! From the biggest city to the smallest village even today there has to be a group on the bottom who can be looked down upon by everyone else . Just the sad part of the Human Condition I guess . Just one more interesting and very sad truth . In Australia the Native people were classified as ffffng " NATIVE FAUNA " Not even Human by the old British society , many Irish sinners there as well . Just released population study shows that Australian Aborigines were the first people to spread out from North Africa , 75 thousand years ago . Is that the epitome of Irony Europeans classifying these Original Humans as " FAUNA " !!!
Peace Love and a Great 2022 for everyone .
Eamon aka " Lucky Charms " .
You really need to watch this show Bob !! ?????
Jan 03, 2022
magoo : I have to find Unstoppable , Denzel I think ?
Jan 03, 2022
AlexT : Yes,Denzel.

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