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Only The Best Movies Here 🤠

Posted by Past Member

Great show , lots of episodes and a bit Cerebral so have patience , it's worth it !! 

" The Sinner " .  Bill Pullman is surprisingly good in this role as the Detective digging until the truth pops up . Quite complicated at times so ...pay attention !!  Lol ..   great stuff and  NOT  gory at all .   In the dark with a pint of your fave ice cream  !! Eamon  ☘💚  Give the talkative BF  an elbow ( my Miss Kitty's technique !! ❤)  and Shhhhh ....you need to hear it too !! 

Eamon  ☘💚

Mar 07, 2022
corbiator! : What's going on here? best movie? "UP IN SMOKE"
Mar 07, 2022
Abefroman1969 : As a heavy user, day and night as you say, I must disagree with the your entire statement.
Your body builds up a tolerance just like anything else, it's not crazy expensive if you are lucky and healthy enough to grow your own.

I've had people I've known for decades not even know I use cannabis, was once told by someone that they would like to see me “high” I had to explain to them that they had NEVER seen me not “high”. The look of shock was priceless.

I'll agree moderation is a good thing with anything we do.

Just like with alcohol consuming so much you forget where you are or avoid your responsibilities then yes you might have a problem.

But don't believe the smoke all day crowd is a bunch of idiots because we aren't
Mar 07, 2022
delgrl525 : The Sinner is an excellent series! We've watched it all and hope they make more seasons. Bill Pullman is so good in this, so human and imperfect, so relatable.

Highly recommended!

Mar 07, 2022
Abefroman1969 : Magoo,

I'm not mad and I agreed with you on moderation. I also didn't say a word about kids high school or otherwise smoking, I think that's as bad or worse than minors drinking.
The on the job accident sounds horrific, I also never said to go to work stoned or high. I wish that someone had the courage to pull that coworker off the job before that happen as you say you knew he had more than he should.
I believe you've mistaken my passion for anger. I'm not angry at all just wanted to clear up some things.
If I projected the word idiot on to you my most sincere apologies.

I'm glad you were able to solve your issue with cannabis and left the doctors stunned and shocked.

It's always best to follow whatever version of cannabis law they come up with so you dont wind up in jail or homeless.

Again I'm completely chill not angry at all just very passionate about the idiocy of worldwide laws concerning a helpful mostly Begnign plant.

Please accept my apologies for coming across as angry.
Mar 08, 2022
delgrl525 : I'm going to weigh in here, hoping I don't ruffle any feathers. I worked for many years as a counsellor in a couple of different drug and alcohol treatment centers. Of course, by far the majority of our residents were there because of alcohol or cocaine, heroin, or speed. But, there were some who claimed that their only drug of choice was weed, and they had come to the point where it was having such a negative impact on their lives, that they sought treatment. I've had patients tell me they could not function without it, and even had to get up during the night to smoke. I do know from personal experience that the weed being used these days is extremely strong compared to what I used occasionally in my youth. I always did have a very strong reaction, even way back then, in the 70s. The stuff now is so strong that I do not indulge at all anymore, and one toke can render me pretty much nonfunctional. Not fun! I have a friend who has an incredible tolerance and smokes daily. She seems to function very well, and is not a slacker or a loser. We are all wired differently and biologically our make-up is obviously quite different. If we make a law, it has to be a law that applies to all. Maybe someone could drive safely while stoned on weed, but I guarantee you I couldn't!! Our laws need to reflect that. It could be argued that someone who is a "heavy" user, that uses day and night, would never be at a legal state, and therefore safe to operate a motor vehicle. Or go to work, whether that be as an air traffic controller, or a forklift operator.

Weed got my husband through cancer treatment. He was so sick, he couldn't eat, and the weed was the only thing that gave him an appetite. He didn't like the high and only tolerated it because it helped him stay alive. He told me he felt so out of it, he couldn't do anything but sit in his chair. He said his whole body was vibrating, as though he was on speed and he had never experienced anything like this from weed before. And he is someone who was a pretty heavy drug user back in the 60s and 70s. It's totally different stuff now, and maybe not quite so benign, at least not for some.

Mar 09, 2022
delgrl525 : I agree, so unlike much that is on TV now, in terms of cop shows anyway. It's a character study as much as a drama, and doesn't have much, if any, in the way of shoot'em ups and car chases. I can't wait to see where it takes us from here, and hope they are going to continue the series!