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The Count Of San Francisco

Posted by Past Member

See how I did that ?? ....Monte Cristo  LOL ...I know , you got it !  ☘

    Absolutely True Story   !!! No Shit  !! 

     I was on the roof of the  3  storey Victorian in San Francisco . I was working with my Brother installing new gutters  so we had a four floor scaffold at the front  of the house . 

   The one day I had no þpe of camera with me  although I always have some type of camera in my pocket . We were having some lunch sitting on the very top planks , 4 floors up  I heard a police siren , the WhoopWhoop  that the Fire Dept uses on their ambulance  . I craned my neck to see if there was any smoke ( fire is devsastating in SF  . Cheek to cheek Redwood houses burn to dust in minutes )  ....no smoke , no fire . Sippong my Gatorade I see an extraordinary vision right out of a  Texas Chainsaw Massacre   sequel  !!!  No blood , thankfully !! 

     As I stare  intently I see a guy running up the steep South end of Fillmore Street , just  up the hill from  the famous "  Fillmore Theatre"   ,  a venue for  all the best 60s  Hippie Rockers  but I digress !!  

    A guy in maybe his  40s  is running towards us   , up the hill and behind him he is trailing about ten feet of heavy chain . I notice that his hands are tied /  handcuffed  , behind his back !!   . No , not an escaping prisoner  , not escaping from the Police at least !!  How did I know ??  Well he had been a prisoner of someone  !!??  Not the Police ?  It was quite obvious .    He was earing a cute pair of lovely bright pink Panties , maybe a thong  and nothing else . His hairy legs and his boney knees didn't help the look  !  The vehicle chasing him was a Fire Dept  Ambulance as I had thought . 

   The Ambulance crew were hitting their  WhoopWhoop every few seconds to get him to stop . What really put the weirdness  ice cream on the  really weird cake  was the leather mask . In that world where zippered  leather masks are in demand I believe it's called a " Gimp Mask " ....( see   " Pulp Fiction "  basement of sports store ) . 

    Myself and my Brother were frozen in place  just staring , as if there was a One sided Tennis game going on !! 

   As we stood up we watched him crest the hill , still running with the thick chain jingling along the street as he shook his head to tell them  NO !!  ...vehemently  . The WhoopWhoop    of the Ambulance echoed through the hot , 80 degree   streets of The Fillmore District  as we had the best of San Francisco's  street entertainment  / Cinema verite  !!  No hidden cameras ,  just really  funny reality .  🤯🤡😱

   There is a second part ....short . 

Just close your eyes and let that image sink in  !!! LOL  

Eamon  ☘

Mar 15, 2022
RaenotRay : Haha, this is an awesome story. Great visuals, lol. No shit huh? Must have been pre-ostomy? Haha, I crack myself up. :)

We had an incident here in Bellingham a couple days ago. A man led police on a low speed chase all over the city. He was wielding a hatchet, and trying to hit officers and civilians. He eventually rammed the stolen truck he was driving through glass doors in our malls food court. He proceeded to break glass in a dozen or more stores before the police captured him, and took him away. Interesting times. Lol
Mar 15, 2022
bowsprit : He is obviously seeking vengeance if it has something to do with Monte Cristo. The second part please.