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Aaahhh...blast From The Past Mr Lincoln ☘

Posted by Past Member

No , not the car I bought !!  I don't have a gasoline tanker truck in my back yard !!  At current prices it might take 300 bucks , at least , to fillerup !!  The price is in Euros about  $8 K.

Can you imagine driving this on our Really Tiny roads in Mayo  !!   There wouldn't be a Sheep left alive in the County !!  It would just about fit on the " Highways" , not many of those !! The Country roads !! ForgetAboutIt  !🤯.  Parking lits ...outta luck , won't fit . The Road Tax , registration can be up to  2,500 Euros Per Year.  Used to be cheaper to bring your car to Ireland with you than to rent a car and Mortgage sized Insurance costs !!  1,000 Euros per week ...plus insurance coverage  !!  Still about the same and up !!  

    I Live Lincolns  but my absolute dream car if I didn't care about gas prices . .... 

The Cadilac  El Dorado ....the most comfortable vehicle I ever sat in , so nice for long journeys . There are a dew of these monsters around . They rent them for weddings etc . 

Apr 01, 2022
Abefroman1969 : Love a Lincoln
Apr 01, 2022
HenryM : Since you're a movie fan, I'll recommend 'Lincoln Lawyer.' It stars Mathew McConaughey as a lawyer who rides around in a Lincoln chauffeured by one of his clients who owes him money. He takes a murder case where the defendant protests his innocence quite believably, but the lawyer soon begins to doubt the guy's innocence. Some fun bits.
Apr 01, 2022
delgrl525 : Yes, that is a good one Henry. The books by Michael Connelly, that the movie is based on, are even better. There is a series of 'Lincoln Lawyer' books.