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Anyone Need A Really Good Bellylaugh ..?

Posted by Past Member

" Saving Grace "  Brenda Blethyn , Craig Ferguson 

I got just the movie for you . I'm picky about my comedy and fickle in my  likes and dislikes  but this one will get all Funnybones  tickled .  Clean and no Naughty Stuff so you can watch it with your  sweet old Mom or an MAO  buddy and never have to shield your eyes  LOL  👍🤪

    Set in Ireland  .  A law abiding " Lady of

Means" suddenly loses everything , hubby lied about the finances so the nest egg is gone ! She figures out another way to Grow her nest egg back ......just by growing a few plants ...yea  a little Ganja . Hilarity ensues . 

Eamon ☘


Apr 04, 2022
Justbreathe : Interesting and mayhaps this word and meaning came from your neck of the woods…I rather like the meaning but using the word itself is frowned upon here in my neck of the woods….that would be the word: Unfuckwithable (adj.) when you're truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.
I might add…this is how I try to react if someone wants to discuss religion or politics…I just remain “unfuckwithable”. LOL !!!
Apr 05, 2022
HenryM : That's great, Justbreathe. Unfuckwithable! Language is so malleable. Wonderful word.
Apr 05, 2022
MaeRee : Hey y'all, want to watch a really good Comedy? Watch
“ The Great” it's a series…. I found it on
HULU….. it is for Adults
HUZZAH !!!!!!
Apr 05, 2022
delgrl525 : Well, thanks Eamon! You have given me a good belly laugh already just reading this thread, and I haven't even watched the movie you suggested yet! LOL!

Apr 06, 2022
delgrl525 : Eamon, I'm not getting the question marks??
Apr 07, 2022
delgrl525 : So, when you post a smiley face, it comes out as a question mark? Weird! What is <3 supposed to be? BTW, I'd rate you much higher than a 4!!

Apr 07, 2022
Abefroman1969 : Yup emojis turn into question marks in blogs and comments on pictures, it's very odd.
Eamon, I've seen the movie and second your recommendation!
Paul :-)
Apr 08, 2022
delgrl525 : I will try to see that movie. If it takes place in Devon and Cornwall, it will be right up my alley. My ancestors were Cornish and I finally got to visit my granny's birthplace in 2019 when we were in England. She was born in Torquay, but the family were originally all Cornish fishermen. I just loved that part of the country and the people. We met some real characters in a couple of the local pubs in Cornwall. They don't want to be mistaken for 'English'....they are "Cornish"!!!