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Traveling With The Monster Part 2

Posted by Ragdoll

So I went on my trip and I swear it was the trip from hell...first  when I arrived at the airport I couldn't find the sign that I had downloaded to let them know I had the ostomy so I wouldn't have any problems going through the security I wish I haden't lost that sign by the time it was my turn my bag started to run and I didn't eat anything I just had a drink...some of my pills make my mouth so dry I really needed that drink... I had a long sweater on but I felt like it would show if I raised my arms up all the way...I tried to talk to one of the security ladies to let her know about my situation...she looked at me like I was crazy and said go through the scanner and raise both arms showed and I was embaressed...I saw people looking at it and then looking me in my face like I was some freak and to make matters worse when I went through the darn machine it beep so I had to step to the side to be checked with the hand scanner or whatever it is called...oh I'm not finished yet...they made me touch my bag with each one of my hands and then they waved some wand over my hands to check for explosives...still not finished...when I finally did get to board the plane...when the young lady was explaining what to do in case of an emergency...GAS...I put my head down and tears ran down my face

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happybaglady : Dear Ragdoll, I am sorry I did not get back to you about the one piece vs the 2 piece appliance for your ostomy. I want to comment on your airport experience. I travel frequently and I just tell the TSA that I have an ostomy. they usually do not know what to say. I suggest that you act like it is nothing and have confidence, it takes time. They ask you to touch the bag and then they scan your hand I think it is just to make sure you do not have drugs in bag. Try to laugh it off and a few times at it and you will be a pro and it won't bother you at all. NOW as for the appliance. I would like to suggest you go to once you are on the site, click on One Person can Inspire another. There you will find a list on the left hand side of the screen: Preparing for ostomy surgeryRecoveryLiving with an ostomyFor Healthcare ProfessionalsPeristomal skin healthPediatric guideFor caregiversProduct guideNewsServices and SupportThe ConvaTec Customer Interaction Centerlook all of these over and I think you will find much good information that will help you. let me know, if I can help in any other way. FREE samples are available from all the companies. Also if your hospital has a wound care clinic or nurse go there and they can help you as well. It takes a while to get the system down but you can do it. Best wishes, happybaglady Feb 09, 2013
StarUK : So sorry to hear of your stressful experience, i got patted down recently the lady ask me what it was when she felt it and i said it is a stoma bag and she asked a bag of what to which i replied its a bag of shit at which point she stopped and let me through. Feb 14, 2013
TB Cat : I recently traveled by air for the first time since my ileostomy. I had downloaded the ID card and wrote the word ILEOSTOMY on it. I might as well have shown them a baseball card....Ii meant nothing to any of the TSA people. I also was pulled aside and wanded after a trip through the full body scanner. Those people don't have a clue about ostomates. So I guess we'll just have to live with this procedure every time. I think next time I might go through with the card taped to my forehead,!!! Feb 23, 2013
Ragdoll : Sorry you had to go through that also. I didn't know what to expect but it sure wasn't what I received. If you come up with any ideas let me know and I'll do the same. Feb 26, 2013
Beaner : I think it depends on the airport and how much experience they have had with people and their ostomies. After I got used to having mine and traveling through airports, I developed a sense of humor. If they ask to see it, I will show it to them. Likely they will never ask someone again who tells them they have an ostomy! Mar 19, 2013

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