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Just a lonely guy who has years of urostomy & colostomy knowledge and experience from the carer perspective.

Hello world.
I've been on this site a few years, trying
to help or give advice where I could.

It's very true if/when u look me up, I was/am a very lonely
guy in many ways.

Most folk on here have many physical issues and many
wonder why their husband/wife left.

I will tell you all straight, it's so fckn hard lookin after
someone,it's almost like two lives are melting away, 24hrs a
day, no sleep over 2hrs to make sure her bags were
fine, morphine et.c et.c

Give a thought to (me unpaid) carer/family folk, it was so
hard from my point of view. I did it because I loved

Briefly..Nov 2007 My friend Sue was hit from
behind while walking her dog, by a DUI guy, she
suffered a smashed right leg a head and other
minor injuries.
2 total knee replacements, due to the first
botched replacement breaking through the side of
her shin and skin, 2 days post op, the leg
was useless.
Sue was totally bed bound.


Next a bad stroke.

Next aggressive bladder cancer, radical cystectomy
hence urostomy bags.

Next diverticulitus, multiple fistulas, resulting
in the colostomy bag.

Next colovaginal fistulas from the remaining part
of her colon, from botched surgery. They were not
prepared to try and fix this because of her health
ie 3 colostomy and 2 urostomy hernias.

Sue was about 64, to make things worse her son, 45
Died a few months back, sudden heart attack.

Last but not least she was just diagnosed
with a terminal auto immune liver disease.

I'm sure I've missed plenty

I hope lifes rich and infinately varied tapestrys treat you all well,
don't forget, it's a two way street.

Now I am the loneleist guy, Sue died about 8am bst yesterday,
totally unexpected. She looked like she was asleep and
warm when I kissed her goodbye.

I rains, it pours, diluvial lol

Best wishes folk,
steve, for my beautiful friend Sue
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