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Recently separated and have moved into my own apartment. Needed to get away from a verbally and emotional abuse situation and distance myself from the cigarette smoke that was doing me no good. Recently started a part time job with A Plus Health Care as a Medical Escort and a Community Integration Specialist. In other words, I am a glorified taxi driver and shopping companion. I like it as it was some of the duties I performed when I was a Mental Health Case Manager for 18 years. Then Medicaid cut all of our duties and there was no way I could help my clients anymore. The only time I could see them was in the office and how do you assess someone who is mentally ill when you are in an office only situation? You gotta be down in the trenches with them to see how they are really coping with life.

I joined this site because it was the only support group out there for me. There were no ostomy support groups in Billings at all and I needed a lot of support as I had the emergency surgery to save my life the first time on July 12th in 2017 and the second emergency surgery to save my life on February 17th 2018. So I have been through the wringer so to speak. This site has been a life saver for me. I love it! I learned so much from all the people here. Any question I had was followed up with many suggestions that I could try and find a solution to any problem I was having ostomy wise. If my question was unable to be answered, I was directed to someplace that could help.

Future for me is uncertain right now. I am separated and have given my spouse one year to straighten up or ship out! My thoughts are that he won't do a thing to fix the situation. He hasn't even tried so far and presented me with an 88.00 bill for moving my furniture over here. He didn't help much with anything, just drove the truck back and forth. I paid two young men 10.00 an hour to move things from the porch, where I had packed and stacked the boxes, over to the apartment. I have much less stress now and the quiet is blissful. I sometimes miss conversation but I don't miss the yelling at me for nothing other than being on Facebook. He hated Facebook and any other social site that I would be on for conversation. He stayed upstairs most of the time, smoking because I would not allow it in the downstairs where I was most of the time. Yes, yes...I knew he was a smoker 13 years ago when I married him but he told me he was ready to quit so I took the plunge after 5 years of knowing and dating him. I saw none of the controlling behavior or the short temper or any of the angry behaviors in the 5 years we dated. Then, about one and a half years after being married he stopped having martial relations with me. Wouldn't touch me romantically at all and wouldn't tell me why except that he wasn't interested. For the next 9 years, I asked and begged him to go to the doctor to find out what was wrong. He finally went and the doctor said it was an easy fix. One shot every 3 months to raise his testosterone level but he refused to go and still has not. I was not ready to give up that part of my life. My bowel was broken but the rest of me works just fine. He said he didn't care so here I am. So, I don't plan to file until the year is up. I think he deserves the chance to at least try to fix it. However, I am open to friendships and pen palls so if you would like to correspond with me, please feel free to do so.
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