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Hi, I had my ileostomy surgery way back in 1985, so I guess I must be used to it by now.
I always try to do most things, accepting that some may be a little more difficult, but very few are impossible (I'm still not too sure about Pilates?).
I enjoy travelling, generally independently and staying at cheaper hotels and hostels copying the travelling style I enjoyed years ago.
Back in 1976 I followed the old hippy trail to India and in my mind I'm still 23 and exploring. It's a shock every morning when I look in the mirror and see the old man looking back at me!
In recent years I've been to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, and Myanmar, as well as many places around the old UK, Lake District etc. and a few places in Europe.
Oh yes, I've taken up Nordic walking. Good exercise and helps makes long walks seem easier.
My next planned trip is for February/March 2016. So far I have just booked as far as Melbourne, but with the intention of visiting my daughter who is living in Wellington and travelling around NZ a bit with her. Then back to Oz and on up to see my cousins on the Sunshine Coast, and maybe go a bit further up to the Whitsundays. Then it will be back to Melbs, and maybe the Great Ocean Road? Unfortunately, I have only booked for 6 weeks, and I now find I have that many things to see and do I could do with longer! I suppose I can always come back again?
Also, my son is living in Thailand at the moment, and I need to call in and see him sometime soon.
Any travel advice, especially from anyone in Oz or NZ most welcome.