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In March of 2009 I had emergency Gallbladder Surgery. While I was on the operating table the DR did a colonoscopy. As I recovered, the DR told me I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Rectum. The Cancer tumor was large enough and growing through the muscle wall. I underwent Cancer Removal Surgery in May 2009, 18" of my lower colon, rectum, anus and sphincter muscle were removed with 25 lymph nodes and my left groin lymph node. I have a permanent colostomy/stoma to the left side of my belly button. Since then, I've had another 10" of my lower colon removed, the stoma redone, 2 Hernia repairs. I'm in need of another Hernia repair with a stoma relocation to the right side of my stomach. I am 6'4", 255 pounds as of right now. I weighed 200lbs when all this began and I can't lose the weight, I still have issues with items I eat. Anything with skins, lettuce, seeds do not digest. My way of life has completely changed since the first surgery in 2009. Without having a great since of humor and outlook on life, I probably wouldn't be here today.

2020. I have had 12 surgeries as of now and multiple hernias as well as my stoma moved 3 times.
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