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I've decided, finally, to get back in the game of living life to the full. I joined this site in 2013 right after my colostomy surgery, and have just floated around here on the outside looking in, and never really connecting to or with anyone. I know now this is a process that takes a LOT of time, and only in one's own time frame. I am changing for the better. The PTSD , (yes, that's what it was for me after body-altering surgery) is finally gone, the pity party has ended, and I am still here, making a difference in life, and mostly, in myself.

I am ready to meet people again, to socialize, and yes, even entertain the thought of intimacy at some point again if the opportunity presents itself. Never thought I would get to this point, but I have, and I know you will too. And if you are ever in Long Beach, or So Cal , or AZ, we might meet up and become friends with a common goal. I travel the globe again now, and look forward to seeing new and faraway places as often as possible. Hopefully, my few words here have generated interest by a like-minded person at or near the same place in their own physical recovery and growth from this life-altering surgery. Would love to meet you. Lloyd
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Urostomy on my right quadrant.
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