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I am a very spontaneous person who loves my 8 year old son with all of my heart and even though he doesn't want daddy to meet any new friends and especially not have a girlfriend, because they might take my time away from him, he also wants his daddy to be happy. I enjoy watching movies and going out to a good steak dinner. All kinds of sports, intelligent conversations, and God. I am divorced and of course along with that comes the drama of having an ex-wife, albiet most of the drama comes from her end. So the more friends that I have in my life the less that I have to deal with her. Honestly I have no ill will towards her but she still has a brutal chip on her shoulder to try to make my life miserable, so the only reason that I keep in contact with her is to see my son. Other than that there are no feelings for her whatsoever. I just have to be nice to because my son lives with her and she ultimately decides when and how much time that I get to spend with him, which is totally illegal but I deal with it for the sake of any extra stress being put on my son. Anyway, it's very hard to meet a female companion once they realize that I am living with an iliostomy. I mean, you can only hide that fact for so long if you plan on having any type of honest relationship with a woman and in my last few "friendships" they actually dumped me because they thought that it was pretty "gross" to have a bag hanging off of you. I guess the best way for me to say it is that it is very hard to explain to someone who knows nothing about iliostomies without them actually having one or knowing someone in their family who does. So that is why I chose to join this site. Not having to be asked so many uncomfortable questions about the unfortunate way that I have to live my life compared to what it used to be, seems like it would be a great way to be able to meet some new and understanding friends that may possibly lead to further things, but of course that is not my only reason for signing up to this site. I do have an honest curiosity as to how many people out there deal with the daily lifestyle changes that I have had to for the last 3 years since my surgery and I'm sure there are a lot of people that could teach me a thing or two about living with an iliostomy and make my life much more enjoyable to live than it is right now. I know that a lot of people refuse to say that living with an ostomy, urostomy, or iliostomy is not a handicap because I don't believe it is either, but it definitely changes the way you live your life in so many ways compared to the way I used to live before my surgery, especially when it comes to playing with my son. I guess I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling sorry for myself, so by joining this site I am taking the first step to try to make some positive changes in my life by meeting some new friends. That's the best way that I can describe myself right now. I hope some of you feel the same and we can be friends.
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