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Update July 2021: Find your flirty/ dirty side and lets have a little adult fun and not be afraid if our ostomy shows! spinbot "at" g mail "dot" com, Kik: spinbot2000

Original Profile: I am living with an ileostomy as a result of Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed at age 14 and got my ostomy in my mid-30's. I wished I never had to get my ostomy, but my quality of life was terrible prior. I had my large bowel removed multiple years before my permanent ostomy and often I had a terrible time with frequency of needing a washroom (up to 30 times a day). It became hard to have any life as my mind was always thinking about going to the bathroom. I couldn't travel on the main highways as there wouldn't be enough time to get to the bathroom. I could only shop at certain stores, where I had easy access to the washroom. I hated going to the nightclubs as the stalls in the male washrooms were disgusting and some didn't even have doors or doors that could be locked. So.... after years of trying to endure things, I finally gave up after exhausting all pharmaceutical treatments, liquid diet, drug trails and probiotics. The ostomy has at least made my life better with no concerns about going out anymore, but it has knocked my self-image down multiple notches. I never grew up with much confidence as I was sick since I was 12, so the ostomy just made meeting woman harder. Things did get easier, as I got older and with internet dating. I've only come across one woman who had issues with my medical history, but I found that out fast enough.

Life now, as a guy in his 50's with no kids, is pretty uneventful. I have to accept that my life isn't going to be filled with outdoor adventures, athletic triumphs or long walks on the beach. I'm okay with that. I'd just like to have a little more fun with life which includes meeting up with another ostomate for an evening of fun, no judgement and total understanding of each other's challenges. ;)

Feel free to message me / email me if you are looking to chat.

That's all for now! :)
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