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Hello! Thank you for clicking on my profile! I had a tumor inside my bladder right at the utethra in late 2006. They got the tumor out, but soon after I had to have my bladder removed at UW Medical Center in Seattle by doctor Paul Lange, one of the best in the world! So that's when I woke up with my new urostomy. I originally wanted the neo-bladder, but couldn't stand the though of using a catheter for the rest of my life, so I changed plans at the last minute and went with the urostomy bag. It's a hassle and I hate it, but my only other choice was death. I lost both my parents 3 weeks apart to cancer in mid-2008. I miss them so much!

This is my 5th time as a member of this site. The first 4 times, I got a lot of very valuable information, but to be honest, I was looking for that special someone to spend my life with! Hasn't happened here or in my life, so now I'm back! Always open to sharing my urostomy issues and give/get advice.

A little more about me:
I was born in Bremerton, Washington and lived most of my life in Bremerton and Tacoma, but I've also lived in Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Port Angeles, Longview, Vancouver, Reno and even Sandpoint Idaho. I'm 58 years old, single, and lonely. But I have literally hundreds and hundreds of personal friends, most of whom I've met at local drag races. On weekends during the racing season, I hit a track or two every weekend from April until about October, taking pictures! I'm in my 37th year as a photographer! My passion is roses, flowers and other close-ups, but my money maker is car photography. Drag races, car shows, insurance pictures, restorations, and more. I do handyman services and other odd jobs, which I really enjoy! Done this for over 5 years now. Between handyman work during the week and drag race photography on weekends, I stay pretty busy.

I absolutely HATE talking about politics, and I don't vote! I loved Obama, but hate Trump! That's about all I can say about politics.

I'm a huge cat lover, and I write beautiful poetry! Been writing poetry since 1992, and have brought crowds to tears at times and roars of laughter at other times. I love to cook, especially meatloaf (I have over 60 meatloaf recipes, some of which I concocted from others), spaghetti, pork chops, chicken breasts, and I make the best macaroni salad you've ever tasted! I'm a former friend of Bill W., but stopped going to meetings after I lost both my parents to cancer 3 weeks apart. Yes, I drink beer. And I smoke cigarettes. Yes, I know, EWWW! But I do go to church, and have since 1992, though not very much lately because I'm always at a race track on Sundays.

Feel free to ask me anything else. I'll post more later as I think of stuff.
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