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Looking for friends or relationship. I am 59 years old in West Virginia. (Wheeling Area)
I had colon cancer,that was found in June of 2013.
and has 6 months of Chemo treatments, every other week.
I finished my treatments in May of this year.
I developed Neuropathy (In my feet) after my chemo treatments,Doctor says it may or may not go away.
I had a reversal in august of this year (2014)
Did wake up from the reversal with some numbness in my right arm.
Surgeon said "it would go away".....................LOL
Pretty regular now, as doctor said I have a good bit of my colon left. There are a few times I don't think I'm going to make it to the bathroom.

I have been on SS Disability, but have a review coming up in December 2014.
I am hoping to be able to stay on SS disability.
I was working outside at my last job, and don't think it would be good to my feet working outside in the winter.
I did not make that much more working than I do now.
I hate to say it, but the free Insurance I am getting now, is better than the Insurance I had through work.
I was worried about when they take you off Disability, and you go on regular social security, but I called the SSA, and they said at age 66, I still would get the same amount.
Getting nervous though, I wish the review would hurry up and get here, and decided on, as I am tired of worrying.
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