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I am Joe from Newcastle, Im in a band and work in a popular pub wile I study. I stumbled across this site by accident but could help me through my path through life. I love meeting new people with common interests, sometimes not so common. Im an open minded person who has a taste for exploring and mentaly pushing myself! I was born with Bladder Extrophy, I’ve had numerous operations and have had a urostomy since i was 3...it doesn’t define me. Don’t let it define you.

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f, 47
I've had an ileostomy for 3 years which has changed my life in a p...
United Kingdom
f, 65
I had an ileostomy.. 2nd emergency op with no prep back in Oct 202...
United Kingdom
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Looking for Support, Friends, Travel Partner and Relationship
Arkansas, United States
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Looking for Support
Arizona, United States
f, 71
Colostomy. May 2020.
California, United States