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Well, I finally did it. I got out of this chair and drove up to Denver to see Glen (my brother) and his daughters, Susan and Janice. Then drove down to Elbert, CO to see Doris (my sister). Doris moved out to CO maybe about ten years ago. She initially had 40 acres and decided that wasn't enough weeds to mow so she bought 40 more acres. Now she wants to sell and move back to Iowa. She is 82 now and I guess riding that weed-whacker around in the summer and the snow plow in the winter is not as much fun as it used to be. They are exploring for oil under her property now - and she has mineral and oil rights - and she wants to get that settled before moving back to Iowa.

After I left Doris's place, I drove down to Telluride. Nice, little skiing resort town there in CO. Then drove on over to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is truly grand. To use a word that the young people completely waste on the most trivial of things, it is awesome.

Here are the same pictures of my trip on line. It was an overcast day at the Grand Canyon; that is why the pictures are not bright. Or maybe it is because of my piddling little camera. The bottom three were taken as I approached Telluride. There must have been at least 100 reindeer in that field.

After I got back, I went down to the Boeing parking lot in Seal Beach to get a few pictures of the Endeavour. The guards kept chasing us (about two hundred cars) out of the half-empty 15 acre parking lot. Told us we were a security risk. I went over to the Starbucks next to the parking lot but it was filled. The guards finally figured they weren't going to be successful in keeping the public out of their domain and went back to their little guard shack and pouted. I drove back into the parking lot where I got the following pictures. My camera is a wimpy little thing and it doesn't do zoom very well.

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