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First of all, right now I'm a free member. If you're interested in communicating with me reach out to guynvabch at g mail dot com.
I am a colorectal cancer survivor since 2015 and have 1 more year before I'm deemed cancer free. As a result and prior to chemo and radiation treatments, I needed a life saving colostomy which I may be able to have reversed once I'm declared cancer free. This is why I'm sexually a top, and not ass is out of commission at least another 11 months. So, even though I have faced a major health challenge and gotten through it, the challenge of facing stigma and being rejected because of it has begun to take its toll on me. So I have chosen to tell it upfront, to avoid the continuation of sudden rejection by those men who have their own ideas of what their perfect partner should be. So there it is. There is much more to me than this which you can read about below. If you do or you don't chose to continue reading, thanks for stopping by and I wish you well in your quest. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
I'm looking for dates, friendship, friends with benefits, long term relationship. I want long lasting relationships; I want a best friend; I'd like to have a lover who likes sex as much as I do. But first, I want to meet guys who like themselves, are comfortable in their own skins, and who are masculine men!! I'm looking for a guy who fits well in a local pub or sports bar, having a few drinks while watching a game, a guy who takes care of himself and is healthy and fit, a guy who can show all of his emotions, a guy who is honorable and noble, who is respectful, who is funny and smart, who can carry on a good conversation without struggling, and who has passion and compassion. Sexually, I have a strong libido and love spontaneity. Sex should be fun and exciting. It should be enjoyed and explored. I tend to be a nurturer and always more concerned with my partner's feelings and needs over my own. So my role during sex, is to make it enjoyable and satisfying to him and not so much to me. I am a romantic and sensual guy who can also be aggressive and domineering in bed in an enjoyable and respectful way. I believe in communicating fantasies and desires so they can be explored and fulfilled. I tend to be drawn to men with certain zodiac signs for some reason. I was born under the sign of Cancer (July 13) and tend to have successful relationships with other men who are Cancers, Scorpios or Pisces. Dont know why, just seems that way. I consider myself well rounded in my professional career...having a business degree, working as the manager of a fast food restaurant, serving as a team leader systems analyst at NASA/Langley, systems analyst at Newport News Shipbuilding, assistant Director of a nonprofit, association manager, massage therapist, retail jeweler...see. I told you! 🙂 So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I'm an experienced, interesting, funny, and fun guy who has a lot to talk about. Finally, I'm looking for a sort of "partner in crime", to have fun with, share life experiences with, travel with, sleep with, eat with, talk with, do everything with. And in the meantime, I take each day as it comes with the hope that there are many more days left to experience. Oh, btw...for the right man, I am relocatable, it can easily be work can be done anywhere. So dont make distance a factor. Life is lfilled with endless possibilities...

My Interests include: Beach, hiking, gym, yoga, running, theatre, opera, ballet, music, concerts, reading, movies, baseball, football, conversation, beer, shots, wings, masculine men, hanging out with buddies, road trips, museums, boating, camping, gardening, dogs, family, exploring nature

"Life gets pretty hectic. Sometimes feeling like we're on a roller coaster and we never know what's around the bend or what's going to happen on the ride. What really matters are the moments along the way, how we spend our time, and who we spend it with. We soon find out it's the simply things that really matter; someone beside us to hold, or to love, or just to chill with at the end of our day. To say to ourselves: "I'm Home!""
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