Hi there! I stumbled upon this site in 2017 I guess, right before my urostomy surgery. I guess I am looking for a nice gentleman who understands the ins, outs, and leaks of having an ostomy.

Since I love it so much, I am going to post my profile from my soon-to-be-deleted Match profile...
Okay, I’m going to be real. I’m tired of the fakery and bull of dating web sites, and this may be my final attempt at this. I am 49, divorced, childless, and am a rather great catch. I can sit and watch a baseball game with Metallica blasting in the background. Or I can spend a weekend quilting while listening to the Bach cello concertos.

But, enough about talking about myself. Let’s see what others are saying.....

"Has a smile that can light up Broadway."

"Makes you feel at home the minute you meet her.”

“The best at hugging!”

“Brightens the world with her presence ❤️”

“Every time I’m with her, I laugh, I cry; she’s better than Cats!”

“Hell, I would date her if I were of that inclination!”

“A lovable sense of humor.”

“[she]is unstoppable. She overcomes every challenge with humor and grace while never losing her capacity to care for others.”

“She has the best smile EVER (and goodness those cheeks are so pinchable! 😂😂)”

“Creative, loving, fun, musical, values friendship, celebrates relationships, generous with her time, level-headed, patient and kind.”

And.... the kicker!!

“When a lady can sing the St. Matthew Passion whilst simultaneously cheering on the Red Sox and petting a cat, there is little more that needs to be said - except that she does it all with a seasonally appropriate bottle of Sam Adams at her side.”

(Should have been the Bach B minor Mass, but yeah, all of this is most certainly ME!)
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