I was diagnosed inoperable in 2011 because the tumor attached to my prostate was fist sized and too large to get clear margins. It invaded my bladder and rectum. About 6 months later and after losing over 100 pounds the oncologists felt the radiation treatment may have shrunk my tumor enough to get a minimal margin of .4 millimeters. Not much they said but worth the risk considering any other outcome. I agreed to proceed with what they thought was needed. A total pelvic exenteration .. losing my bladder and rectum. This left me with a permanent urostomy and colostomy (2 stoma's). Although this was a life altering experience it also saved my life. I've had cancer twice since then and have now been cancer free 6 years. Although left with some disability I'm clearly grateful to still be here. Now that I have had good success of remaining cancer free I feel I can offer a partner a better future than being taken away from them a short term later by the dirty c word.

I'm quite active outdoors and in the community. I love my guitars and singing, play darts, fish quite a bit. Love going for drives to just nowhere .. tho I hate the gas prices right now. Lol. I volunteer some of my time in the community and online moderating in a karaoke site chat room. I'm pretty much open to trying most things at least once. Haven't jumped out of a perfectly good plane yet though.

Feel free to send me a message or chat me up. It's always a good day when you can help someone smile.
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