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ďI hope they cannot see, I am the great destroyerĒ - Trent Reznor

I guess Iíll get this out of the way first:
Iím a single parent of a teenager (16) who does not conform to ďtraditionalĒ binary gender roles. Iím not willing to get into it any further on here, you can ask me privately if you want to know but hopefully thatís enough to chase off those who canít/wonít understand or accept that. If your religion/beliefs restrict who/how you can love then we wonít get along anyway.

Iím a pretty average guy, I have less hair than Iíd like and more gut than Iíd like but Iím not fat or bald. I enjoy camping and being outdoors and I really miss having a back-yard. I read, play video games and board games and play hockey and golf (when I can). If youíre looking for the guy whoís got it all figured out, I donít. I spent 11 years in a custody battle that was my sole focus, I didnít buy a house, I donít have extensive savings, own a ďGlamperĒ (we camp in a tent), quads/motorcycle or all the ďtoysĒ that come with having more financial freedom (or the desire to be mired in unfathomable debt).

I have a good job (IT/Dispatch) and run a home-based computer repair business, I keep my bills paid (on time) and my cupboards full of food and thereís beer in my fridge and until my kid hits the road, thatís enough for me. Do I want to own a home, yeah, of course; but that time will come once raising a well-adjusted child is finished. I spend a lot of time actively parenting, itís necessary for my particular brand of child and I wouldnít change it for anything. What that means though is time can be hard to find, couple that with my wonky work schedule (15 on / 6 off) and it can seem like Iím not making time for a relationship.

To say that Iím socially stunted would be kind, it takes me a long time to warm up to someone. Like everyone else, I got sh*t I have to deal with and it would be nice to have someone I felt comfortable enough to engage with to assist in that task.

So what am I looking for?
- Someone who either is a parent, or can understand the requirements of raising a child by yourself.
- I donít want to have more children, Iím not opposed to growing my family through osmosis but no new babies for this (almost) 40-year old. Iím
also not looking for a mother for my kid, itís more likely at this point youíd be a ďfriendĒ level person to him if your introduced.
- Someone who isnít looking for money, I donít have any. It sucks your only working 2 days a week and need to pay rent, but I work full time
and run a home-based business to make ends meet. I wonít lend you money.
- Someone with a wicked sense of humor, Iím hilarious.
- While attraction is important, the attraction Iím looking for combines your attitude, charisma and looks, in that order.

A little more about me:
- I cook, well. I was a professional chef.
- I love Karaoke
- I have 2 cats and a Turtle
- I don't drive, I know that's a "Red Flag" for some but there's a story there, one that doesn't involve a DUI or anything of that nature. Ask me
and I'll tell it to you. I'm actively in the process of getting my license back.
- I'm looking for something real. A connection.

I have an Illiostomy.

So yeah, that was a lot to read. I understand that most of you wonít get this far but if you do, message me.

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