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I am a recent ostomy patient and am having a hard time adjusting. I like to read, exercise, hang out with my friends and family, work in my crafts studio. There is no "live" support group in my area, and I really need to talk with people who also have colostomies so I can get used to the idea. Right now I am still recovering from the surgery and am pretty house-bound but expect I will be more able to be out and about in a week or two. I am very nervous about this. I did have one terrible accident in the doctor's office - the aide at the rehab facility had put my bag on wrong, and I was so embarassed. The doctor was great, and my sister, who is a nurse, was with me, so together they got me cleaned up and back to the rehab facility where my sister put on a new appliance. I have been learning how to put the appliance on and today I am going to do it by myself with my sister just observing me. I am very nervous that I will make a mistake and have another accident. Basically, I am looking for support as I enter this new phase of my life. Thanks - C
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