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Girl Scout

I am very social. I have had my colostomy for 9 months. I am very grateful I have the chance to still “be here.”
I know all of you that have gone through this have wondered now what? Out of this darkness I myself, know better. I am grateful for the support of my sons and grandchildren.
I know that because of my experience I can help others.
I love the mountains. I love wild creatures.
I have been a volunteer at local hospital for 25 years.
I was bitter in the beginning....... I’m sure we all were.
We are a unique group of people that know
something more, that will carry us through
tougher times and help others.
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f, 55
Permanent ileostomy since 2008 (due to Crohn's disease).
f, 32
To learn from each other's experience
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