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I have had my own business since 1997 washing windows. I am kind of shy and have a hard time meeting people. I can talk to people and customers just fine, it is people I am attracted to that is difficult in a one on one.

I would love to make a connection with someone else. Even a friend. Most of my friends are married or in relationships and being a third wheel is never fun.

I am not sure what kind of person I am looking for. I have a vague idea but being too picky has never worked out for me.

I do a lot of talking about politics. That used to be rare for me but I became much more active in the last couple of years.
I like to play computer games. Mostly multiplayer games so I can play with friends. I do not play games on my phone though.
I am not a fan of messaging as a form of long communications. While it is great for sending pictures, brief messages, or a quick question, it shows no emotion and sometimes even Emoji can be unhelpful.
I would like to go out and do things more. I am not very self motivated when it comes to leaving the house. I spend most of my day outside. When I am by myself I just want to go home and relax. When I am with others I seem to have more energy when it comes to getting out and doing things.
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