Hello, my name is Trevor. I am 45 years old, and was diagnosed with cancer in april 2019. Just had complete and permanent ileostomy surgery oct 9th, and am at this point, cancer free. I am a retired Army veteran with 23 years active service, and currently work as an RV Technician. I am interested in talking to people, very friendly, and enjoy an active lifestyle such as hiking and mountain biking, which i hope to get back into. I also enjoy turning wrenches as a mechanic, motorcycles, the list goes on and on. Would love to meet a lady whom can relate, would be truly interested in meeting up sometime, maybe a coffee shop or a lunch / dinner. My story is far too long to enter all details here, but I am interested in meeting fellow ostomates as friends and or potential future relations.
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I have had a temporary ileostomy since December, 2022. It was (hope...
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Hi my name is Joe, and I am new here, and I have had an ostomy for ...
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I have a ostomy and I hope to gain information about related to that.
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