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(Same one I wrote for another site. I spent a very long time on it, so don't feel cheated if your reading it again. Grin)

Honestly I was surprised to find Ostomy Dating. As of today, 4/18, I'm having a full colostomy put in within a month. Just found out last week that my cancer from 6 years ago came back with a vengeance. It's spread quickly and will be a particularly tough procedure with a long recovery. You know when they're bringing in two surgeons, it ain't looking good. Heh.

Gay male, programmer by trade. An unusually social geek. Poz since about '83. I was an early adopter and, no, I didn't get it for lack of trying. Never thought I'd see 30, nevermind 50. With 60 showing some potential.

I like cooking, karaoke and pugs. And most non-war games. Love old movies. With a caveat on westerns and again, war movies. I'm a veteran, barely. Short service, long story, honorable medical discharge. I like acting and dialects and impersonations from Mae West to Kermit the Frog plus I'll sing at the drop of a lyric. A (nearly) fearless performer.

What else? Haven't turned on a television in almost two years. (Not deliberately, life just got 'Lifey.') Last 15 years of my career were spent working on MMOs and social gaming environments. And right now I have a lot of trepidation about what the future holds.

I'm probably one of the most candid people you'll ever meet. Honest. To. A. Fault. If you ask for my opinion, you'd better be very certain you want it. And generally I can find the humor in most any situation, to the dismay of most of my friends. But this thing has me pretty well stymied.

And I'm looking for people in my life who make me want to be a better person day by day. I don't want to pet your Drama Llama and I don't speak Victimese. My basic philosophy: Remember to be grateful that I woke up on the right side of the dirt. I got another chance to smell the roses instead of pushing up daisies.

And If I can get through that day without deliberately hurting someone or doing irreparable damage to the Universe, it's been a good day. If on top of that I can make someone smile or laugh or forget their troubles just for a moment, that my friends is a great day. There's a lot of pain in this life and I have certainly created my fair share. And I don't always succeed, but I make amends where I can and cut myself some slack where I can't. It's okay, I'll likely get another chance tomorrow. And gang, there's gonna be a pop quiz on Monday. ;-)
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