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I'm a VERY happily married lady with 5 fantastic kids. I love my jobs and love my life. I'm not very big on people though but I'm trying. People let me down in times of need and trust me, I have needed certain people. I have no parents, lived rough when I was a kid but always determined to make situations better. Never done drugs, loved to party, dance til I drop. I'm as big as a house but I'm cuddly and fluffy like a squishy bear. I try to be a survivalist but some things are just taken out of your hands and life can be a challenge. Still. It goes on for now.

Boring bit. I have/had stage 4 colon cancer. Biggest tumour they saw in some time apparently. However, it is all now cut out so I'm going through clean up chemo. It's sucks but only 3 left. How I'm so lucky things happened the way they did for me, I will never know. I'm not an atheist nor am I a huge believer in the church but I have Faith.
Also, I adore animals. I don't mean I like fluffy rabbits and want to save them all. I mean, I have the utmost respect for something that just goes about its day not hurting anything or bothering anyone and I could watch nature all day long.

I joined this forum in the hope that I can learn more about what's happening to me physically with my stoma and possibly help me to mentally come to terms with the fact that this thing is permanent. I see my kids faces if I mention cancer, stoma, colostomy bag, chemo or wind. They're so over it I think I'm driving them nuts. My husband is also in the same mind set only more polite and patient about it. Which makes me sad right now. I don't want to burden them any more. No one else I know has one and my friends still have their lives. So. Here I am.
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