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Old Bud

Recent Ileostomy from Colon Cancer. Supposed to be reversible but not sure I will do that. Starting to adjust to this new normal. It's not that bad once you get used to it.

For the most part I don't look back with any regrets. Can't change the past. I am over joyed to still be alive.

Started out with chemo and radiation around the time the pandemic hit. We have an amazing cancer centre in Saskatoon Sk. A well oiled machine. A few weeks later a surgery to create an ileostomy and cut out a section of cancerous bowel and some lymph nodes. Spetic shock a day later sent me into a downward spiral that I truly didn't think I would walk away from. 2 weeks later I did start to come around. Went home too early but slept most of the time. Bag leaks and apprehension had me wondering what the future would bring. 2 infections didn't want to retreat and after 4 different antibiotics we found one that worked. 3 months after surgery I started the cleanup round of chemo. 2 weeks in, I'm working every day running a combine so climbing a ladder regularly. Lost 90 lbs form my heaviest weight but have now gained back 10 lbs.

I feel mostly normal now and think I am on the mend but still very weak. Surgery was not supposed to go like that so I'm very reluctant to go for a reversal.

Am so thankful for our wonderful health care system and the amazing people that have to put up with people like me every day. They are priceless and this pandemic has proven that they truly are an essential service.
I wish everyone here a speedy recovery and this site reminds us there is always people that are worse off. We live in the best time and the best place on the planet. When I think of my parents who lived through hell with wars and depresions, our generation is truly the luckiest. Best!
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