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Let’s see , Myself - Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, retired young to the hills of Tennessee,now trying the desert 🌵 I’ve owned my ileostomy since mid 2019 . Meeting new people isn’t easy at times ,as I believe in the dream of respect,laughter and honesty in any relationship. I’ve joined this site because I have moved on with my new life . I’m a young 61yr old .I like to see myself as one tough cookie , but am I ? I love going places every chance I get . I’m not a sit down kind of girl, yet I’m a quilter .I seek adventure and what I’ve been missing in my life for far too long .I have grown adult children & love my grandkids & grand puppies that live farther away .I seek to be outside amidst the music,woods,waters,sunsets and sunrises holding someone’s hand at times would be nice I know how to swim,fish,hike,bike,shoot and use a chain saw yet I prefer wearing a dress. I’m a simple girl .I rarely do makeup or fancy hair. I’m just me. I’m outside predawn every day to hear the world come alive . I’m quite sarcastic and enjoy all things that make me smile and enjoy making others smile .I’ve traveled all around the US and many countries . I’ve finished my long lifetime bucket list thinking I’d be dead soon and now I’ve started a new one to adapt to my new life... my old me lifestyle that I’ve missed for so long . .I’m extremely patient, caring and a fantastic listener. I can keep a secret , as I always forget them ( it’s a blonde thing I think). I don’t sweat the small stuff, in fact in Arizona we rarely sweat, it’s too hot for that ! I’m quite independent...I’m quite independent but I look forward to the company of another in my life.I’m always doting my bag ...will travel.My favorite saying ‘ Well, Dahhhh’ ? I do have a couple of tattoos , I consider them art ...I don’t judge any books by their covers . I consider myself a good judge of ones character without meeting them. I’m extremely curious and love a challenge . I like to enter when the sign says don’t .
Always looking forward to meeting people ,starting a new day of adventure while building relationships.I always respond if sent a message !
I cherish all things created and grateful for life.
I suppose that’s me in a nutshell . Thanks for reading and being here learning to make each of us better 🌈 Ritz
PS ... I’ve had all my shots and vaccinated to the hilt !!
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