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Let’s see , Myself - Born and raised in Northern New Jersey. I’ve owned my ileostomy since mid 2019 after 19+ yrs of crap. I’m a young 61yr old .I like to see myself as one tough cookie , but am I ? I love going places every chance I get and mostly enjoy all music,sunsets,sunrises ,blue water,hiking,fishing,camping and holding hands.I’m not a sit down kind of girl, yet I’m a quilt maker .I seek adventure and what I’ve been missing in my life for far too long .I have 2 grown adult children away from home & love my 3 grandkids & 4 grand puppies.I’m a simple girl .I rarely do makeup or fancy hair. I’m just me. I’m outside predawn every day to hear the world come alive . I’m quite sarcastic and enjoy all things that make me smile and enjoy making others smile .I’ve finished my long lifetime bucket list thinking I’d be dead soon and now I’ve started a new one to adapt to my new life... my old me lifestyle that I’ve missed for so long . .I’m extremely patient, caring and a fantastic listener. My favorite saying ‘ Well, Dahhhh’ ? I do have a couple of tattoos , I consider them art ...I don’t judge any books by their covers . I consider myself a good judge of ones character without meeting them. I’m extremely curious and love a challenge . I like to enter when the sign says don’t .Traveling and Whatever is on my bucket list along with dog sledding .
Always looking forward to meeting people ,starting a new day of adventure . Thanks for reading and being here learning to make each of us better 🌈 Ritz
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