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I go by the name Nissy. I live in Harare. I enjoy watching movies, and reading. I love my nieces and nephews. I love to cook, especially anything from a recipe book or BBC Lifestyle chefs because it brings me back to the feeling of being home whenever I am so far away...

I work as a Med-lab tech but I love music and I would love to make music one day as a part-time career. if you want to reach me, hit "like" and email me at nisvitlideon at Gmail dot com.

My ostomy journey started when I was 5 years old. But I have never met anyone else with it ever. I'm hoping to make and have life-long friends and find people who understand me in the ostomy life for the first time in my life, and maybe hopefully have relationship with someone that understands what it is like to struggle with this.

Meeting people who live this life and knowing that I am not alone in this would be amazing instead of living in the quiet shame alone. I would like to travel the world and meet new people, anyone who is an ostomate. I myself was born with a rare condition called B.E. and is the reason I have an urostomy today, and I feel it was a life-saving procedure and in many ways a blessing. But above all, I thank the Almighty God for the years I had- the doctors gave me 3 months to live, but God broke protocol with the gift of life that has lasted for 30 years.

Feel free to chat with me. Cheers.
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