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Hi I'm Millie, a 27 year old with an Ileostomy. I had emergency surgery back in the summer of 2017 due to a genetic connective tissue disorder which, although causing severe comorbities on a multisystemic scale, particularly affects my gastrointestinal tract. In addition to Gastroparesis and chronic dysmotility throughout my small bowel, my large bowel was the most significantly impacted organ rendering it totally paralysed and unable to digest/ absorb/ move anything through it. In the summer of 2017 my bowel had failed to the point at which it burst, turning me septic and very unwell in intensive care for multiple months on end. Ue to this I was rushed for emergency surgery where they formed my End Ileostomy via an open Laparotomy. It's been a tough journey ever since but I am at the point where my ileostomy is just part of me and my daily life now. My health conditions (of which I have quite a few!) pose much more limiting than the ileostomy itself, so it would be great to meet others who can offer support and advice for managing the underlying health issues related to ostomies. I would also love to offer my own support and advice to anyone else who may be struggling on coming to terms with their ileostomy, as that is something I have fought long and hard to overcome. Life with an ostomy isn't by any means easy, so meeting and connecting with other people who simply just 'get it' is something of great comfort. I hope to be an integral part of this community!
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