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Colostomy since Jan-20, permanent since Oct-20
Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome - Neurogenic bowel & bladder (I get to self-cath too!)
Recurring parastomal(sp) hernias

Rectal Stumper - Make my colon great again.
"Selling my stoma naming rights."

Looking for community, support, & information.
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f, 52
Colostomy, surgery 8-30-22
Texas, United States
f, 47
I am excited to get healthier... and scared to be on this journey! ...
Ohio, United States
m, 35
New ileostomate hoping to meet new people to learn, get support and...
Connecticut, United States
f, 59
Hi my fellow travelers in this ever changing ever challenging worl...
South Carolina, United States
f, 67
Colostomy, looking for "best practices" for living with a stoma
Arizona, United States