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Have been living with an ileostomy since 1991. My ostomy is A.L.F (alien life force) to me, although some days it feels like I'm carrying around a toddler having a temper tantrum. It has taught me to be true, kind, patient and loving to myself. I have put the same teachings in how I see the world. My A.L.F gave me a second chance at life which is cherished every moment. Wherever you are I wish you the best day and send hugs 💗
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f, 71
I have a Hollister 8665. Got it in Feb.2020 and feel pretty much a...
Minnesota, United States
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I had to have a temporary (hopefully) colostomy after severe diver...
Illinois, United States
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Looking for Support
Iowa, United States
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Former j-poucher, permanent ileostomy . Looking for support.
New York, United States
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Colostomy support and friends
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