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I have an illeostomy, since 2013. I'm hoping to meet someone who understands what struggles, and issues happen with a stoma. I'm adventurous, and love to travel, and experience new cultures. I am a teacher, writer, and artist. I love dogs, especially my Min Pin. My surgery gave me freedom, and I'd like to meet my soul mate. Just one last thing… I lost most of my vision to a rare eye disease in the 1990s. So, I am legally blind. Doesn't stop me from doing much! I just can't drive a car! Lol
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f, 55
My Ostomy came as a total surprise NO warning. Now I can use some ...
Connecticut, United States
f, 78
Ileostomy for 51 years, Chronic Kidney Disease now as a result.
United Kingdom
m, 59
Ileostomy Losing weight Running with an Ileostomy
Iowa, United States
f, 65
Looking for Support and Friends
Missouri, United States
m, 48
Recent colostomy survivor.. love to stay in shape and be healthy, ...
Georgia, United States